19 dapper dogs dressed in their spring finest

19 dapper dogs dressed in their spring finest

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On Saturday, dog owners and dog lovers alike came together at Evergreen Brick Works for Barkworks, the city’s largest outdoor festival for dogs. The event had over 40 pet-friendly vendors and fun activities (a racecourse, an egg hunt, photos with the Easter Bunny), with proceeds from ticket sales going to support the Toronto Humane Society. All canines were encouraged to wear their best spring outfits for the dress-to-impress contest, so we asked some of the most dedicated doggy parents to explain their costume choices.


2.5, French bulldog
“We’re welcoming summer so that’s why he’s very Hawaiian right now, to show his love for the season.”


10, Mystery mutt
“She loves wearing clothes and she really likes onesies—she probably has about 10 of them.”


5, Bichon Frise mix
“She’s wearing her ‘I give free kisses’ shirt because she likes to lick people and to be pet by them.”


1.5, Pomeranian
“Jasmine’s in a beautiful pink Haws Hoodies tutu handmade by a lady in British Columbia. It serves as a harness and a fancy little outfit as well.”

Dagon and Eywa

8, Chihuahuas
“They’re in matching pinny vests, and Eywa is also wearing her favourite white dress. They’re participants in Toronto’s Top Dogs contest today.”


7, Cocker Spaniel–Chihuahua-Dachshund mix
“We’re participating in Toronto’s Top Dog contest today, so we are dressed to the nines. Clementine is a girl and she looks great in pink, so we’re going with that.”


6, Dachshund-Bichon Frise mix
“He’s just being his true self. Dexter likes to go big and he’s pretty bougie, too. He’s actually the top Instagram dog in Vaughan. He’s really rocking it in his custom rough-stitch suit and his blinged-out dang chain from Dexed Out, which happens to be his own company.”


2, Long-Haired Chihuahua
“Pixel’s sporting her pink denim jacket from the Canada Pooch line, and just really enjoying the sun.”


2.5, French Bulldog
“We’re here to support our friend Pickles who is walking down the runway for Top Dog, and we’re dressed in drag because we love drag queens.”


8, Pug
“Pickles’s fashion sense is all about drag—and Charlie is her drag son.”

Coco and Bella

5 and 6, Yorkies
“These jewels are custom-made by me, their mommy. These jackets are from Winners and these jeans are Puppy Angel from Sparkle & Barkle Doggie Boutique. I chose these outfits because it’s an outdoor event so I wanted them to look cool but also be warm and comfortable.”


1.5, Hound mix
“He’s wearing a denim vest that I found at Public Butter in Parkdale. I sewed a bunch of patches onto it.”


6, Poodle
“He’s kind of a sophisticated guy. We always look for artistic things so the top hat was perfect and—because April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month—you’re supposed to wear orange.”


2, Corgi-lab mix
“He’s wearing a denim jacket with a handmade collar and bow tie. He’s a very proper dog, but he has a fun, wild side, too.”

Freddie King and Billie Holiday

1.5 and 11 months, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
“They were lucky enough to have their mummy go to Japan—it has a really fabulous dog culture and amazing coats. We decided we wanted to celebrate cherry blossom season, so I brought home some cherry blossom coats for them.”


1, Bernadoodle
“He’s wearing a necklace made of ties. It’s something that I found while we were out and about and I thought it was quite cute.”