A Q&A with Kat Soderstrom, a TL Insider, on networking opportunities and perfect date nights

A Q&A with Kat Soderstrom, a TL Insider, on networking opportunities and perfect date nights

Photo courtesy of Kat Soderstrom

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Toronto Life Insider is a membership club that gives you front-of-the-line access to the best experiences and offers in the city. With your membership, you get an upgraded subscription to Toronto Life that includes access to signature events (like a taco party with La Carnita), hands-on workshops (hello, cocktail-making classes from top bartenders), hard-to-get tables at some of city’s best restaurants (we’re looking at you, Momofuku Kojin) and candid conversations between TL’s editor-in-chief Sarah Fulford and some of the city’s most interesting characters.

We chatted with TL Insider Kat Soderstrom, a 40-year-old entrepreneur, about her experience with the membership so far.

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I was born in Poland and I came to Canada when I was 14. I went to school for graphic design, and in 1999 I started my own business putting together personalized sweet tables—candy stations, donut walls, macaron towers—for corporate and social events. It’s called Sweet Event.

Did you say donut walls?

Yes! It’s a business that really lets me take advantage of my design background while being surrounded by happy people at the same time. I’m actually really excited about expanding into cannabis-infused goods—it’s something a lot of my clients have been asking about.

What is it that you love about Toronto?

My husband and I lived in Miami and Madrid for a while, but five years ago we decided to move home to have kids—we have two now. We really missed Toronto while we were away, though. Living abroad gave us an appreciation for what we have here, and we realized that we sometimes take it for granted. I appreciate just how multi-cultural Toronto is—and trying all of the different amazing food from all over the world is something I always look forward to.

Why did you become a TL Insider?

For one, Toronto Life is the only magazine I subscribe to; I read it cover to cover. Secondly, Toronto’s restaurant scene really changed while we were abroad, so to reconnect with the city and to get a taste of what was new and exciting, my husband and I started going to Toronto Life’s annual Best Restaurants event. It gave us a fun glimpse into what new bars and restaurants we should be checking out. So when I learned of the TL Insider membership, I signed up within minutes. I have no regrets.

What events have you been to so far? Any favourites?

The first event we went to was the R&D dinner at the Spoke Club, which just happened to be on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t know what to expect but it was incredible. The seating was communal and we sat beside a couple that was probably close to our parents’ age. Well, we started chatting with them and the conversation was so great we ended up talking for five hours straight. We actually exchanged numbers and we’re going to the upcoming R&D dinner at Kasa Moto with them!

I also went to the In Conversation with Samra Zafar. Her story was absolutely incredible—I shed quite a few tears. And my husband and I went to the In Conversation with Bruce Linton, the CEO of Canopy Growth. It was especially insightful for me because I want to start offering cannabis-infused treats. I had the opportunity to speak with him one-on-one and ask him questions about my new venture.

Any upcoming events you’re looking forward to?

Totally. My husband and I started calling these events our TL Date Nights. We have the Kasa Moto dinner with our new friends and, following that, the Best Restaurants event. I’m quite excited for that one. Later this week, we’re going to Dream Space, Anthony Ricciardi’s art show at Yorkdale. Whenever there’s an event, as long as the babysitter is available, we’re there!

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