What’s on the menu at Paris Paris, a new all-day wine bar from the Superpoint people

What’s on the menu at Paris Paris, a new all-day wine bar from the Superpoint people

Name: Paris Paris
Contact: 1161 Dundas St. W., 416-535-5656, parisparis.ca, @parisparisbar
Neighbourhood: Trinity Bellwoods
Previously: Cooper Cole Gallery
Owner: Gani Shquier (Camp 4, The Grow-Op Juice Bar and Eatery)
Partners: Jesse Fader and Jonathan Poon (Bar Fancy, Superpoint, Express Bar)
Chef: Nick Morra (Chantecler, La Banane, Enoteca Sociale)

The food

Dishes featuring French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese flavours (not all at the same time, mind you), seven days a week from morning to night. Smaller plates include fries with Kewpie mayo, and chicken liver mousse with cremini mushrooms on bread made by Patti Robinson (Woodlot), while mains bring things like piri-piri chicken and smoked duck breast with beets. Although the kitchen closes at midnight, there’s still a simple late-night bar menu of snacks like panini-pressed sandwiches.

Bread and whipped butter. $6.


Fries with Kewpie mayo and packets of Heinz ketchup. $7.


Prosciutto cotto topped with chicory, vincotto and bread crumbs. $13.


Chicken liver mousse on grilled bread, with cremini mushrooms and honey. $11.


Cooked eggplant with sesame (black sesame paste, white sesame seeds), olive oil, dill and onion. Served with grilled-to-order pita. $11.


The crab claws are a playful take on the Chinese banquet staple. Each snow crab claw is surrounded by a shrimp-and-scallop mousse, then deep fried. $8 each.


Poached salmon with green goddess dressing, fingerling potatoes and olives. $16.


Piri-piri style chicken with grey salt and lemon. $18.


The matcha panna cotta is finished with a pineapple-citrus passion fruit sauce. $9.


A spread at Paris Paris.


Left to right: Nick Morra, Krista Oben, Jonathan Poon and Jesse Fader. Photo by Renée Suen


The drinks

A few beers from Burdock and a handful of simple cocktails (G&Ts, vermouth and soda) but the focus is largely on wine. General manager Krysta Oben (Byblos, Geraldine, Edulis, Cava) of Grape Witches is behind the growing and changing list that’s largely natural, biodynamic and made by small producers. Bonus: A daily wine feature means a half-litre of wine goes for only $20.

A selection of wines from the current lineup includes (left to right) Milan Nestarec (Czech Republic), Remi Jobard (Burgundy), Clau de Nell (Loire Valley) and Pierre Frick (Alsace).


Kalimotxo: red wine and Mexican Coke ($10). Oben says this was the cocktail that Cava staff would make at the end of the day using leftover wine.


The space

Poon designed the 40-seat main room that’s equipped for all-day use and features a bar, communal high-tops, and banquette seating equipped with electrical outlets (tailored for daytime work space). Thirty more seats are in the rear dining room that currently houses the open kitchen; the space will open in April and will also be available to rent for events and private parties.

Here’s the main dining room.


New skylights brighten up the space.


The hallway leading from main room to the kitchen and private dining table.