Stadtländer’s latest, Charlie’s Burgers mystery, 900 Starbucks closures

Stadtländer’s latest, Charlie’s Burgers mystery, 900 Starbucks closures

Stadtländer expands (Photo by jembe)

• Good news for fans of Michael Stadtländer’s acclaimed Eigensinn Farm: the cultivator-chef will be launching a new restaurant, Haisai, in a neighbouring town. Like Eigensinn, it is based on the farm-to-table concept, though we hope that it will seat more than 12. [Reuters]

• Pasta making is an arduous process, but it shouldn’t be a perilous one. A man working a machine at a Toronto noodle plant lost an arm when the mechanism snagged him, initiating a workplace safety investigation. [National Post]

• Mystery meet: eccentric anti-restaurant Charlie’s Burgers continues to spark “whodunit” intrigue as more of the city’s professional foodies get involved. While none seem sure who’s behind the scheme, diners agree that Charlie delivers generously for the $110 donation, though they admit that getting a spot at the table can be tricky. [Toronto Star]

• British Columbia earns the distinction of being the first province to see a recession-related Starbucks closure. The coffee company plans to close another 900 locations worldwide, Canada included, but that hasn’t stopped them from opening new cafés here in Toronto. [CBC]

• Canadian wine production gets a nod from across the pond; the Belgian Grand gold prize goes to the Toronto-based brother duo of Douglas and Jamie Macfarlane. Locals will have to wait to sample the winning wares: Northern Ice wine won’t appear at the LCBO until June. [The Bulletin]