Hannah “Salmonella” Montana, a chopstick tutorial, Canada’s water obsession

Hannah “Salmonella” Montana, a chopstick tutorial, Canada’s water obsession

The great bar recall

• Pint-sized pop star Miley Cyrus is getting flack again—and this time, it’s not for suggestive photographs. The teen’s Hannah Montana snack bars have been recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency due to potential salmonella contamination. [Entertainment Wise]

• Toronto may be awash in sushi restaurants, but some say our citizens lack the table manners required for traditional Japanese eating. Mikado’s head chef, Keiichi Masuda, has a video lesson in technique for inept chopstick handlers. [Toronto Star]

• The cheese stands alone for Michael Simpson. The Toronto business owner has been waiting since January for Toronto Hydro to get the refrigerators humming at his new Queen West cheese market. We want to know what’s happening to all that unsellable stock. [Toronto Sun]

• Something’s fishy for Farley Mowat. The famed Canadian author is helping spread the word on what researchers are calling the overstated health benefits of fish. Mowat’s motivation is environmental; it seems the omega acid craze is taking a dangerous bite out of the fish population. [Globe and Mail]

• With water, water everywhere, Canadian H2O consumption habits tend to be careless. But a new study reveals how rising usage levels foreshadow a desert-like fate if left unchecked. [Canada.com]