Claudio Aprile sticks it to food bloggers

Claudio Aprile sticks it to food bloggers

Attention, food bloggers: the chef-owner of Origin and Colborne Lane, Claudio Aprile, has established some rules about dining at his restaurant on his blog:

A short message to all people that have or plan on coming to Origin with huge zoom lenses and flashes that induce seizures, the food critics and wannabe food critics who end up just being lonely bloggers in front of their Mac at 3 a.m.

1. Do your research before you arrive. Have an open mind.
2. Understand the concept and accept the fact that Origin is not Colborne Lane.
3.  If you can do a better job than me and my staff then why aren’t you doing it?


We’d like to add one more: telling the staff that you’re a critic-blogger in hopes of bypassing the lines or getting a free meal. Yes, we’ve seen this happen before and it has to stop.

Never Met A Kid “Who Wants To Be A Critic When They Grow Up” [Origin blog]