All of Pret a Manger’s sandwiches and wraps, ranked

All of Pret a Manger’s sandwiches and wraps, ranked

Pret a Manger, the UK-based franchise, has officially come to Canada for a two-year pilot, partnering with A&W to run pop-ups inside some of the burger brand’s locations. The chain is known for its pre-wrapped sandwiches, soups, baked goods and coffee. Its claim to fame: everything is made fresh on a daily basis, which means no disappointing day-old goods. We visited Toronto’s inaugural location in the Financial District on a mission to try every wrap and sandwich on the menu. Then—so you don’t have to do the same—we ranked them.

Egg salad and arugula sandwich

12 Amply seasoned egg salad, peppery arugula and mayo on multigrain bread. It’s nothing to write home about (so maybe not worth being that person who brings hard-boiled eggs to the office) but a solid version of what it is.

Cheddar and tomato sandwich

11 Aged white cheddar and good tomatoes are an obvious match for mustardy mayo and mesclun. It’s a solid cheese-and-tomato sandwich that won’t drop any jaws (except for those taking bites of it) but also won’t disappoint.

Tuna and cucumber baguette

10 Think crisp cucumbers, hefty chunks of tuna and, mercifully, not too much mayo on a crispy-chewy baguette. This sandwich gets extra points for using pole-and-line-caught skipjack tuna, a more sustainable and dolphin-safe method than standard net fishing.

Chipotle chicken burrito wrap

9 The chipotle sauce does a good job of marrying this wrap’s ingredients, which lean in a decidedly southwestern direction: charred corn, black bean salsa, aged white cheddar, quinoa and red peppers.

Crunchy chipotle chicken and avo wrap

8 The chipotle element here is solid—the flavourful, mildly spicy sauce brings together the sandwich’s other components: grilled chicken, avocado, red peppers, romaine, cilantro, greek yogurt and mayo. The combination works, but overall it’s not deserving of its moniker—while the vegetables are crisp, the overall texture can’t be described as crunchy.

Pesto caprese baguette

7 The best thing about this baguette-based sandwich is its bounty of bocconcini, which is layered with delectable roasted cherry tomatoes, arugula, basil, mayo and pesto—which the sandwich could benefit from more of.

Pret’s famous ham and cheese baguette

6 Sometimes you don’t need bells or whistles. Case in point: this sandwich. It’s a solid, satisfying classic composed of black forest ham, Swiss cheese, mesclun, and a mayo punched up with wholegrain Dijon mustard.

Chicken and bacon sandwich

5 This sandwich doesn’t rely on fake bacon bits or weird microwaveable strips of bacon-like material: actual smoked bacon plays a starring role. Best supporting actor goes to grilled chicken; fresh tomatoes, mesclun and mayo bring up the rear. Stacked on multigrain bread, it’s a hearty meal that makes a lot out of a few good ingredients.

Chicken parm wrap

4 Parmesan and provolone do the heavy lifting here. Paired with grilled chicken, the cheesy couple makes for a satisfying, umami-rich combo with a nice hit of freshness from red peppers and a solid marinara sauce. Finished with some crispy onions for crunch, this hot wrap is pretty darn delightful.

Romesco chicken and mozzarella baguette

3 The key ingredient in this sandwich is a healthy slathering of romesco sauce, a zippy tomato and red pepper condiment that brightens everything it touches. Here, it’s paired with grilled chicken, bocconcini, basil, roasted tomatoes and chili salt for a punchy baguette sandwich that really hits the spot.

Chicken salad and avo sandwich

2 Too often, when avocado appears on a pre-made sandwich, it’s in the form of a sad mushy layer of brown. For this sandwich, however, Pret goes hard on the avo, with hefty, buttery chunks that will satisfy the most discerning of millennials. Grilled chicken salad laced with wholegrain-mustard mayo adds heft and a welcome zip; dried cranberries and sliced almonds round it out with sweetness and crunch.

Falafel hummus wrap

1 Given that dry falafel and mealy hummus are almost always the downfall of pre-wrapped sandwiches that dare to include the typically delicious chickpea creations, this wrap really took us by surprise. Fresh and herbaceous falafel, garlicky hummus, a crunchy vegetable medley (romaine, cucumber, red peppers) and tangy pickled cabbage and carrots make for a genuinely delicious wrap.