Samantha Bee’s seven best Donald Trump takedowns (so far)

Samantha Bee's seven best Donald Trump takedowns (so far)
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Samantha Bee may not have been cheering for Donald Trump, but his election was probably the best thing to ever happen to her career. Since before November 8, her TBS show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, has been the go-to source for comedy news (unless, y’know, you’re Republican), commenting on the election and its aftermath with a fierceness and freshness unrivalled by anyone else on late-night TV. Week after week, Bee—who made her name as one of the Daily Show’s most ruthless correspondents—offers scathing, hilarious critiques of the President-elect. Here, a collection of Bee’s harshest Trump takedowns (so far).

Hillary Clinton

Let’s begin by flashing back to sunnier, pre-election times, when Hillary Clinton still had a chance to become America’s first female president. In this piece, Bee wields formidable powers of sarcasm, parody and Photoshop to pump up the qualified candidate by detailing her life story. It’s poignant, thorough and devastatingly witty. Standout zinger: “Evidently, a critical mass of Americans find a normal, centre-left policy nerd less ‘likeable’ than a vindictive, pussy-grabbing hate Zamboni who jokes about killing his enemies.”


The Morning After

The morning after Trump’s election win, Bee tries to cope with grief and disappointment, insisting that The Donald’s presidency is not the gift to comedians you think it is. “No! Shut up!” she commands. “Jokes don’t write themselves. Jews write jokes, and they are scared shitless.” Standout zinger: “Yesterday I voted in an American election for the first time, and I broke America.”



In anticipation of awkward, politically divided Thanksgiving dinners, Bee and the Full Frontal writer team devised a nine-point advice column for Medium that provides wisdom to help you cope before you give up and reach for the Chardonnay. Standout zinger: “If the relative saying grace before dinner is a Republican, just take a knee.”


Trump’s Cabinet

Bee’s two-part segment takes aim at Trump’s evolving cabinet of unqualified yes-men and -women, including the especially scary Steve Bannon. Standout zinger: “Bannon joined Trump’s campaign last summer. How is CNN just now discovering that he’s the milkshake that brings all the deplorables to the yard?”


Voter Fraud

Roughly two weeks after election day, Trump tweeted, “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Surprise, surprise: his claim was debunked by Politifact. In this segment, Bee skewers the bogus voter fraud myth and the media outlets that perpetuated it, all while managing to weave in a brilliant “personal massager” joke. Standout zinger: “Under that system, the only people safe from voter purging are Whoopi Goldberg and Yahoo Serious.”


Presidential Transition

Bee outlines a series of actions that are “bigly” discrediting Trump’s ability to follow his predecessor. The bit in which President Obama childproofs the Oval Office in preparation for the reign of a “sunburnt cow udder” is priceless. Standout zinger: “Turns out our institutions are only as strong as the unspoken norms we all agree to live by—norms that suddenly seem as flimsy as the Scotch tape holding Trump’s tie together.”



Fake News

In one of Full Frontal’s latest episodes, Bee tracks down fake-news huckster Jestin Coler, who fabricated damning stories about Hilary Clinton that hijacked Facebook. The interview with Coler, who insists his motives are pure, is a scathing indictment of our “post-truth” world—and disturbingly hilarious, too. Standout zinger: “It’s sort of like you were doing a public service by teaching people about the dangers of drugs by giving them drugs.”


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