How the rest of the world felt about Toronto last month

How the rest of the world felt about Toronto last month

Queens Quay joyriders, Oscar wins and everything else that's making and shaking the city's self-image

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Gategate, part 1: the TTC vows to block off the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel after a new batch of joyriders get stuck in the tracks.

Photo Credit: Toronto Police Service

Gategate, part 2: the TTC stops installing Presto gates two years into their rollout, because the things don’t actually open and close properly.

Photo Credit: TTC

American research firm Mercer ranks Toronto the 16th most livable city in the world, which feels like a slight now that we’re used to the top 10.

Satellite images reveal a vaguely penis-shaped island in the Women’s College Hospital parking lot, and the Internet reacts pretty much how you’d expect.

Saturday Night Live mocks proverbial Canuck politeness in a sketch about the “Canadian Harvey Weinstein.”

The New York Times lampoons Ontario’s wannabe premier Doug Ford as a “tin-pot northern Trump.”

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Donald Trump says “brutal” Canada has outsmarted American politicians for decades, which we’ll take as a compliment, thank you very much.

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In sweeter transit news, a viral video catches a couple waltzing to pass the time during a subway delay on St. Patrick’s Day.

A record-breaking 628,000 people tune in to watch Drake play the survival shooter game Fortnite on the streaming service Twitch.

Toronto indie band Alvvays get a few new fans when Selena Gomez (Instagram followers: 135 million) posts a video set to one of their songs.

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DeMar DeRozan’s 42-point game against the Pistons triggers “MVP” chants—in Detroit.

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The Shape of Water wins four Oscars, prompting a cheeky Photoshop whiz to tweet a “Welcome to Toronto” sign with the tagline “We Made That Fish Sex Movie!”

Photo Credit: @Danseljak/Twitter

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