What the Internet is saying about Donald Trump’s tirade against Justin Trudeau

What the Internet is saying about Donald Trump’s tirade against Justin Trudeau

This weekend’s G7 summit in Quebec didn’t go so well. How not-so-well, exactly? It resulted in U.S. President Donald Trump hurling insults at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau has so far avoided pushing back directly, but many other influential people—including some of his political opponents—have leapt to his defence. Here’s what they’re saying.

Doug Ford, Ontario’s new premier, will likely spend much of his term butting heads with Trudeau, but in this instance he vows to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the PM:

As does the leader of the federal Conservative party, Andrew Scheer:

Meanwhile, Americans have been using the #ThankCanada hashtag to apologize for their commander-in-chief’s behaviour. Although this guy’s anti-poutine sentiment is only making matters worse:

Everyone knows about Neil Young and Keanu Reeves, but this person goes in for a deep cut. Marcellus Gilmore Edson was the first person to receive a patent for peanut butter:

Former American diplomat Nicholas Burns tweeted about Canada’s longstanding tradition of “[having] our back in every war.” (Well, except for that one war.)

This isn’t the first time Canada and the U.S. have had a trade skirmish:

The shape of Trump’s motorcade at the G7 does bear a resemblance to… something:

Daniel Dale, the Toronto Star’s Washington correspondent, notes that Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow’s excuse for his boss’s outburst—that Trump couldn’t show weakness before meeting with North Korea—is a little odd:

Roland Paris, a former foreign policy advisor to Trudeau, had some choice words for the president:

Former CIA director John. O Brennan also took a shot:

And here’s former FBI director James Comey:

When Fox News commentator Jeanine Pirro said something about Trump and lion’s dens…

The results were predictable: