Magical Mystery Tour: a map of Toronto’s fictional murders

Magical Mystery Tour: a map of Toronto’s fictional murders

Dead bodies are turning up all over the fictional cityscape. We’ve mapped out the grisliest murders in 10 titles

Magical Mystery Tour

Dead Politician Society
Dead Politician Society by Robin Spano
A right-wing Toronto city councillor is poisoned during a speech at
U of T.

Blood and Groom
Blood and Groom by Jill Edmondson
A blue-blood Bay Streeter is shot dead in the Rosedale Valley Ravine.

The Killing Circle
The Killing Circle by Andrew Pyper
A Queen West hairdresser is sliced into pieces and tossed in a Chinatown dumpster.

Blood Wine
Blood Wine by John Moss
Detective Miranda Quin wakes up next to her dead boyfriend at their Yonge and Isabella apartment.

The Devil You Know
The Devil You Know by Elisabeth de Mariaffi
In 1982, an 11-year-old girl is strangled, stuffed into a duffel bag and left at Scarborough’s Taylor Creek Park.

Last Stop Sunnyside
Last Stop Sunnyside by Pat Capponi
Two weeks after being evicted from her Parkdale rooming house, an alcoholic prostitute’s body washes up on Sunnyside Beach.

Fire on the Runway
Fire on the Runway by Mel Bradshaw
In Jazz Age Toronto, a Jane Doe is shot and left in a pool of her own blood at the Beaconsfield Hotel, a Queen West flophouse.

Dirty Sweet
Dirty Sweet by John McFetridge
At the intersection of King and Spadina, a man gets out of his Volvo, walks up to another car and shoots the driver in the head.

Journeyman to Grief
Journeyman to Grief by Maureen Jennings
Victorian detective William Murdoch investigates the murder of a Toronto livery owner, who has been horsewhipped to death and hung up by his wrists in a stable on Mutual Street.

Stranglehold by Robert Rotenberg
A Crown prosecutor is garrotted at the Maple Leaf Motel on Kingston Road, then tucked neatly into bed.