The discerning Torontonian’s pot-buying guide

The discerning Torontonian’s pot-buying guide

Throughout this week, we’re telling you everything you need to know to navigate the semi-legal new world of weed. Here, the new horticultural landscape, which offers more options than a Booster Juice menu

Mystery weed, the stuff that could induce either surprise couch-lock, an unexpected burst of Pollock-esque creativity or a trippy fever dream, is fast becoming a relic. Today’s licensed producers rigorously test and label their strains so that users know exactly what they’re consuming. Here, some of the most popular strains from super-producer Tweed—Canada’s largest supplier of the green stuff—and what users report each does.

Kosher Kush
(Image: Dave Gillespie)
Most Calming: Kosher Kush

THC: 17.5 | CBD: 0
An indica-dominant strain with a herbal, rooty scent and a delicate coating of crystalline hairs called trichomes. The bud’s calming effects make it popular as a sleep aid.

CBD Kush
(Image: Dave Gillespie)
Highest CBD: CBD Kush

THC: 7.06 | CBD: 11.2
With high cannabidiol, or CBD— the ingredient associated with anti-psychotic effects and healing properties—and low THC, this strain appeals to users seeking relief from pain, insomnia and anxiety without strong psychotropic effects.

Strawberry Cough
(Image: Dave Gillespie)
The Prettiest: Strawberry Cough

THC: 13.06 | CBD: 0
This sativa-dominant strain produces giant, spiral buds and packs a walloping strawberry scent. It expands rapidly when smoked, causing even the most hard-core users to cough, and tends to induce euphoria.

TWD Lot 2
(Image: Dave Gillespie)
Rarest Breed: TWD Lot 2

THC: 21.1 | CBD: 0
A custom creation by Tweed that mates two different Afghan strains. This dense bud with dark amber pistils induces a powerful, often snooze-inducing high. Best suited for bedtime. Not for newbies.

Super Lemon Haze
(Image: Dave Gillespie)
Most Pungent: Super Lemon Haze

THC: 13.3 | CBD: 0
With a tart nose of lemongrass and pine needles, Super Lemon Haze is sativa heavy and known to energize. Most often recommended for morning or midday use.

Ghost Train Haze
(Image: Dave Gillespie)
The Energizer: Ghost Train Haze

THC: 18.1 | CBD: 0
A sativa-dominant strain with high THC, lots of trichomes and a powerful high. Users should brace for the munchies.

(Image: Dave Gillespie)
The Densest: Nordle

THC: 7.18 | CBD: 8.6
Nordle’s equal proportions of THC and CBD produce a moderate high, and reported pain relief and anti-nausea properties. The short, stocky plant has deep orange pistil hairs and gives off a Juicy Fruit scent when ready for harvesting.

(Image: Dave Gillespie)
Toronto’s Fave: AK-47

THC: 18.05 | CBD: 0
This sativa-indica hybrid is Tweed’s bestseller in the GTA. A blend of Afghan, Thai, Mexican and Colombian strains, AK-47 is an all-purpose weed—not too stinky, powerful or harsh—and a popular choice for first-timers.

East Coast Sour Diesel
(Image: Dave Gillespie)
Most Potent: East Coast Sour Diesel

THC: 22.4 | CBD: 0.05
With 22.4 per cent THC, Tweed’s most psychotropic bud has a minor diesel scent, a 60-40 sativa-indica blend and a devoted fan base.

Three categories of cannabis

With wispy leaves and a strong aroma, sativa is generally harder to find than indica. It’s sought-after for its uplifting, creativity-inspiring properties.
Fat leaves, dense buds and a less intense odour. It tends to summon the couch and carb-heavy nourishment—the classic stoner stuff.
Indica-sativa crosses are popular because they balance sativa’s reported energizing properties with the relaxing qualities of indica.

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