Toronto’s Best Dressed: Kyle Hoto Reid

Toronto’s Best Dressed: Kyle Hoto Reid

Kyle Hoto Reid
Reid, seen here in Kensington Market, wears a hat by Hoto x Brimz, a T-shirt from H&M, a jacket by North Outerwear, jeans by Ksubi and boots by Timberland (Image: Evaan Kheraj)

Ask Kyle Hoto Reid to describe his style, and he responds with his mantra: “It’s classy with a hint of ‘Fuck you.’ ” That perfectly crafted sound bite is representative of Reid’s overall approach to life. The fashion-world Renaissance man is supremely gifted at finessing street swagger with consummate professionalism, a skill he demonstrated first at Dream Design (the lifestyle retail boutique he ran until 2009) and, more recently, in his collaboration with the hat company Brimz. “My eye is attracted to clean spaces and minimalist style with a touch of something that doesn’t belong—a paint spot here or a rip there,” Reid explains. His appreciation of the unexpected extends to his work building brands for individual clients like America’s Next Top Model icon Chantelle Winnie, whose Instagram features shots of her in offbeat locales like helipads and amusement parks. Says Reid, “I don’t like it when things are too perfect.”

My Stuff

Navajo Blanket-Poncho
“This can be used as a carpet—but there’s a slit, so you can also wear it as a poncho.” Pendleton poncho, $224.
Brimmed Hat
“I’m obsessed with any hat I make. Next, I want to do big, wide-brim cowboy hats.” Hoto x Brimz exclusive in Vanta black, $165.
Decanter Set
“I love etched crystal. I look for these in second-hand places.” $10–$20, depending on size of set.
Value Village, various locations.
“I’m a fan of teeth jewellery done right. I have three pairs. My favourite designer, Jonathan Rakhsha, is from Toronto.” $400–$800.

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