Lara Vincent wants women to embrace their girly side

Lara Vincent wants women to embrace their girly side

(Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani)

A friend of Lara Vincent’s once described her as “sweeter than a doughnut made out of apple pie.” The same can be said for the 24-year-old designer’s new line of hair accessories. Beribboned barrettes and custom-made flora-and-fauna headdresses are sold on her blog and and have already been spotted on the knowing crowns of women about town. The Ryerson grad just spent a year in Manhattan, interning for designers Betsey Johnson and Samantha Pleet, and has returned to Toronto with plans for a takeover of every pretty young thing’s wardrobe.

Of all the things you could make, why hair accessories?
When I was growing up in Winnipeg, I went to a school where we wore uniforms, and the only way to express ourselves was with accessories. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to making headpieces. I’ve starting to make necklaces with heart-shaped pouches. I always wear mine, and I keep little stones or crystals in them because they bring luck.

I assume you believe in astrology then.
I’m a Sagittarius, but I actually don’t think I fall into Sagittarius guidelines. They’re are outdoorsy, and I’m not at all. I like nature but I’m not into hiking. Once, I went camping and made a dress out of an emergency blanket—it was silver and girly.

Is there such a thing as too girly?
I don’t know. I think it’s good to have a juxtaposition—that’s why I put little plastic bats and [fake] shark teeth in my pastel hair ribbons. They’re little surprises.

A barrette fromVincent’s Etsy shop

Where do you scavenge for supplies?
For trinkets, I like Science City in the Holt Renfrew Centre and Kidding Awound, a children’s shop on Cumberland. I’m also really inspired by florist shops like Teatro Verde, Poppies on Queen and Jaidens Petals on Ossington.

Do you have a style icon?
My style icon is Milla Jovovich and Betsey [Johnson] is my idol, always. I’ll watch YouTube videos of Betsey to get inspired for the day. She’s just so cute and such a magical woman.

Did you notice differences between Toronto and New York style?
I feel like people in Toronto don’t wear as many expensive pieces like signature bags, but you see people being more creative with vintage pieces.

What’s the coolest piece of vintage you’ve bought in Toronto?
I found a little vintage helmet all covered in black sequins at The Clothing Show a couple years ago. Amazing. There’s a label in it that says Toronto, so it must have been made by a Toronto designer. I think it’s going to inspire my next collection. I want to do workmen’s helmets but all dressed up.

You should call the collection “Men at Work.”
Maybe I will. Men should definitely wear more hats.