The bestselling ergonomic, WFH-friendly chairs from local stores

The bestselling ergonomic, WFH-friendly chairs from local stores

Nine months into the pandemic, it may be time to admit that switching between the couch and the dining room chair for eight hours a day is doing no favours for your lower back. Here’s our list of sleek, techie, locally-sourced seats for optimal ergonomic comfort.



Herman Miller Aeron, $1,215.50
Recommended by Maggie Chau, account manager, Workplace Resource

“Herman Miller introduced the Aeron in 1994 and remastered it in 2016 with an improved material in the seat and back that helps evenly distribute weight for maximum comfort and breathability. You can adjust the tilt, resistance, arms and seat angles, and choose from three different sizes.”


The chameleon

Global Vion model 6322, $453
Recommended by Brad Carter, consultant, ABCO Group

“I prefer black chairs in workplaces for uniformity, but you may want something more vibrant like the Global Vion, our bestselling mid-priced work-station chair, to match your decor or your desk suite at home. The back mesh has 10 colour options, and the upholstered seat is available in hundreds of hues. It’s comfortable and adjustable, with great lumbar support.”


An Euro import

Sava, starting at $700
Recommended by Lora Stifano, design manager, Modofize

“I’ve been sitting on the Sava office chair for over four years now. It’s manufactured in Europe, and it has plenty customized mechanisms that can be adjusted to personal taste and posture—including the headrest, armrests and seat depth. It’s our most popular task chair, and the seat comes in a rich palette of fabrics including wools, velvets and leather.”


An eco-friendly resurrection

Herman Miller Mirra, $550
Recommended by Andy Delisi, business development manager, Envirotech

“Envirotech buys back hundreds of decommissioned office chairs from top brands like Herman Miller and Steelcase to refurbish, reupholster and rebuild. People get the chairs delivered within two days at half the price of a new model, and it’s good for the environment. The Aeron is our most popular chair—you see it in the movies and at the presidential debates—but I sit on the Mirra, which I prefer for its dial-in adjustable lumbar support and its comfy seat shape.”


The best-in-show

York, $599
Recommended by Al Pourvakil, sales manager, InStyle Home and Rugs

“Whenever a customer asks me about the best we have to offer, I always suggest the York. I’ve used one for eight hours a day for the past decade, and it’s very comfortable. The best office chairs fade into the background and let you focus on the work. This one is also made with genuine leather and won’t deteriorate over time.”


The Goldilocks

Humanscale Diffrient World, $648
Recommended by Helen Stergiou, partner, the Office Shop

“The Humanscale has no levers—all the knobs, external devices and manual controls are replaced with a weight-sensing technology that automatically supports almost every user and recline position. In the last few months, it’s probably been our bestseller.”


An architectural marvel

Herman Miller Sayl, $579.70
Recommended by Amanda Dawson, general manager, EQ3

“We sell the full lineup of the classic Herman Miller task chairs. Personally, I love the Sayl, which is modelled after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. Its back suspension is beautiful, and you can customize the cushion and backrest with different colours including magenta and deep blue.”


A home-grown chaise

ErgoCentric tCentric Hybrid, starting at $622
Recommended by Joel Young, founder, FitzBody

“We know that the standard desk and office chair is designed for a six-foot male. But the design of the tCentric Hybrid, which we customize and deliver within two weeks, offers different seat sizes and heights to fit its user. It’s a sleek, modern style, and its ergonomic adjustability has made it a popular work-from-home choice.”


A plush luxury

Stressless Wing, $2995
Recommended by Tara Lindsay, vp of advertising and buyer, Decorium

“It does not get better than this high-end office chair featuring luxe cushioning and top-grain leather. The indentations allow your body to sink deeper into the seat, and it supports the body in any position.”


The utilitarian

Steelcase Amia, starting at $800
Recommended by Chuck Hakopian and Arbe Satouri, partners, UNRC Office Furniture

“This chair is designed to handle long hours of serious sitting. It has a system of flexors that move with your back for consistent, dynamic support, combined with an upright back lock and seat-depth adjustability. The commercial-grade, stain-repellent woven polyester is durable enough to handle loads up to 400 pounds. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.”