“Working on myself,” and other things University of Toronto grads are planning on doing next

“Working on myself,” and other things University of Toronto grads are planning on doing next

The period right after graduation is always a weird, exciting and terrifying time. At a University of Toronto convocation ceremony this week, we posed the question everyone hates: What now?


Julia Maher

21, Bachelor of Arts (book and media studies)
“I’d love a job in publishing, but right now I’m enjoying my freedom. I’m going to get a tan and read—while applying for jobs, of course.”


Nicholas Shatalow

22, Bachelor of Arts (environmental studies, history and philosophy)
“I’m going to law school at Osgoode in the fall. I gave them my cheque yesterday—it’s expensive! This summer I’ll be working at a non-profit that sells investments in solar energy.”


Andres Griffiths

23, Bachelor of Arts (geography and urban studies)
“I guess as of right now I’m technically unemployed. I’m hoping to get a job in real estate development—I have some friends in the industry, so hopefully that’ll help. But I’m mostly just going to wing it.”


Miranda Alksnis

21, Bachelor of Arts (english, philosophy and semiotics)
“I’m going to take a year off and then I’m going to choose between teachers college, graduate research in English or graduate research in philosophy. It’s basically a year off to research what to research.”


Daniel Neiman

22, Bachelor of Science (neuroscience)
“I would love to get my PhD. But nursing is another goal of mine. There are so many paths. But for right now I’m working on myself—and as a store manager.”


Pauline Mukosiej

21, Bachelor of Arts (art history and polish language and literature)
“I’m undecided. I’ll either go to college and study something business or music—related, or I’ll do a master’s in art history. I think I’m leaning more towards college, though. It’s more hands-on.”


Mark Lavoie

32, Bachelor of Science
“I’m going to take a year off—make some money, teach yoga—and then go on to practice physiotherapy.”


Chris Dominic

24, Bachelor of Arts (equity studies, political science and gender studies)
“I’m going to take a year off because I’ve been in school for like 10 years straight, but then hopefully I’ll go to grad school. I’m applying to a really cool immigration and settlement program at Ryerson. This summer I’m doing a six-month internship on an organic farm called Mulberry Moon Farm, learning about food equity and how to help people eat more organic foods. But ultimately I want to work with refugees.”


Nick Challis

21, Bachelor of Arts (economics and international relations)
“I’m looking to work and probably get my master’s in something to do with economics or accounting.”


Maisha Chowdhury

21, Bachelor of Science
“I’m going to take a year off to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Then, hopefully, I’ll go to med school. I have a few interviews lined up this week, but I don’t want to say where. That’s the short-term plan, but we’ll see!”


Rachel Tian

23, Bachelor of Arts (economics and international relations)
“I’m doing an internship this summer in Korea with Hyundai in risk management. So I’m going to do that and then figure it out. I’d like to work in finance for a couple of years.”


Majid Gasim

22, Bachelor of Science (neuroscience and physiology)
“I’m going to grad school at U of T next fall—I’ve accepted and everything. It’s in applied clinical pharmacology. This summer I’m going to be doing a lot of research, studying for the MCATS. Hopefully I’ll have time for a small vacation.”


Lauren Churchill

23, Bachelor of Arts (sociology and equity studies)
“I plan to do some travelling. I’m going to Japan this summer. I’ll see what I’m interested in, but I’d like to do an internship in public health this fall and then maybe go back to school the following September.”


Mahan Azimi

22, Bachelor of Arts (political science and philosophy)
“I’m going to go to law school, hopefully. I’m going to apply this year. In the meantime, I’m going to try and get a job in sales or the private sector somewhere. I’m not sure yet.”


Teodora Avramov

22, Bachelor of Arts (english literature and french and american studies)
“I was doing research with a professor editing textbooks, so I’m going to continue to do that until the end of the summer. But then I’m looking to get into publishing.”

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