The best costumes from Sunday’s Pride parade

The best costumes from Sunday’s Pride parade

Last weekend’s Pride parade was a rainy affair, but the drenching didn’t stop Toronto’s LGBT community from going about its rainbowy business. (It’s not like anyone ever leaves the parade dry, anyway, what with all the squirt guns.) This year’s event had all the usual pageantry. If you missed it—or even if you didn’t—here are a few of the day’s best costumes.

There were a lot of feathers:

A real lot of feathers:

This guy wins the prize for best colour coordination:

There was a parade of sausages and buns:

My favourite moment from today's Pride Parade #pridemonth #pridetoronto #pride

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And it was as weirdly sexual as you’d expect:

This GO bus dressed up for Pride:

And the TTC wasn’t about to be outdone:

After Rob Ford’s refusal to march in the Pride parade, the event has become pretty much obligatory for Toronto mayors. Here’s John Tory with councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam:

Wonder Woman was there, complete with rainbow whip:

This balcony dressed up as a bubble bath:

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There were eggplants, because why not?

And here are the day’s best eyelashes:

Finally, what we’ve all be waiting for: Pride dogs. This good boy has two moms:

Happy Pride!!?️‍? #pride2018 #pridetoronto #loveislove

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What more can we say about this corgi in a rainbow bow tie?

More good boys in Pride gear:


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You know this cat squirmed out of this bow tie like five nanoseconds after the photo was taken: