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Oluyinka Oso on the joys of being a TL Insider

“When you’re a member, Toronto Life becomes more than a magazine—it’s a lifestyle”

Oluyinka Oso on the joys of being a TL Insider

After moving to Mississauga from the United States in early 2017, Oluyinka Oso learned a lot about the city through Toronto Life. But, when she discovered Toronto Life Insider, the city opened its doors in a new and exciting way. Working in risk management for a compliance and regulatory consulting firm, Oso often commutes from the suburbs to the downtown core, and when she’s there, she likes to make the most of it. “I like to plan dinners, shows and TL Insider events for when I am downtown and working from the office,” she says. “Outside of my job, I’m also a creative type who enjoys styling, design, writing and cooking, so there’s a lot for me to enjoy when I’m in the city.” 

TL Insider is a membership club designed to connect you to the city you love. Membership comes with an upgraded subscription to Toronto Life and FASHION magazines; access to Toronto’s most-prized restaurants and patios; invitations to workshops, cooking and cocktail master classes; exclusive giveaways; and more. We caught up with Oso to learn more about her experience as a member, including some of her favourite events and her luck with contests and giveaways. 

When did you become a TL Insider? And what prompted you to join? I discovered Toronto Life through work, when the firm I work for was offered an annual subscription deal. Through this, I learned about the TL Insider program and all of the interesting events curated by the magazine. I’m really keen on meeting like-minded people, and I’m a creative type who loves fashion, food, style and the arts, so TL Insider seemed to cover all the bases. I became a member only five months ago, and honestly, it hasn’t disappointed.

What are some of the membership perks you enjoy most? One of the biggest perks is that you can bring friends to many of the events. This, of course, makes the experience much more enjoyable, but it also makes me the friend with all the right connections to what’s happening around Toronto. I love it. I’ve also been lucky enough to win a few of the contests and giveaways. It feels as though I’ve already made my membership fee back in value, plus more.

What are some of the standout events you’ve recently attended? One of the first events I attended was at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. As a film lover, 100 Years of Epic Film Scores was the perfect type of event for me to start my TL Insider journey. I also took my daughter to Cirque du Soleil shortly after that, and most recently, I attended the Patron event at the Hearn Generating Station with a friend. 

Whom do you normally attend with? I try to take my friends who are also creatives, since they tend to appreciate the exclusivity of these events a bit more. But it depends on what type of event is taking place, of course. Sometimes I’ll attend alone or bring my daughter along. That’s one of the great things about TL Insider—you can get whatever kind of experience you want from it.
Has membership kept you in the know when it comes to the evolving culture of the city? It absolutely has. When you’re a member, Toronto Life becomes more than a magazine—it becomes a lifestyle. I would say that, by keeping up with new culinary, entertainment and business happenings in the city, I’ve been able to expand my network, fuel new creativity and gain knowledge of different communities. 

Do you have any tips for new Insiders wanting to make the most of membership? Start with the type of programming that interests you most. Make sure you’re showing up to the events that align with those interests, whether it’s a cooking class or a live show, and then start to expand your horizons. Life is short—have fun with it. 

How would you describe a quintessential TL Insider? I would have to say that a typical TL Insider is somewhat of a socialite. The program covers everything from food to finance. I think that makes this membership program perfect for someone who likes to try new things and isn’t afraid to enter new spaces. It’s for someone who loves being social, loves being out there and is open to meeting new people.


Which types of events are you most looking forward to trying next? My family and I will actually be moving to Ottawa next month. So I will, unfortunately, be unable to attend in-person events as much as I have been so far. However, if there’s one type of event I’d like to try more of, whenever I have the chance, it would be TL Insider’s food-and-drink events.


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