Where to find the best meals for $10 or less in Scarborough’s Wexford neighbourhood

Where to find the best meals for $10 or less in Scarborough’s Wexford neighbourhood

Including pork belly banh mi, veal shawarma wraps, jerk chicken roti and baklava

Scarborough’s Wexford neighbourhood—and specifically the stretch of Lawrence Avenue East from Victoria Park to Birchmount—is an oasis of affordable, out-of-this-world food. Here, some of our favourite spots in the area—and what you can fill up on at each for $10 or less.

Photo by @aleppokebab.ca
Aleppo Kebab

This family-owned kitchen, a blend of Armenian and Syrian flavours, is popular for its falafel, kibbe and hummus. But, for a tenner or less, you can stuff yourself on sujuk rolls ($9.35 for six); the namesake beef kebab sandwich with hummus, tomatoes, parsley and onions ($9.35); or the shish taouk (chicken) sandwich with garlic sauce, lettuce and pickles ($8.30).
More budget bites: Fattoush salad ($9.35 for a large) or various skewered proteins (one per order) with a side of the restaurant’s signature spicy bread and veggies ($6.25 and up).

Sumaq Iraqi Charcoal Grill

Brothers Mohammed and Ibrahimand Mustafa Al-Ameri, along with their cousin Hamzah, dole out a taste of their homeland in the form of marinated and spit-roast chicken shawarma ($9.50), juicy veal shawarma ($10) and falafel ($7.69), all swaddled in fresh tanoor bread.
More budget bites: Some of the city’s best hummus ($6.50); eggplant salad ($7); and a fudge-like dessert called daheen that’s made with coconut, walnut, clarified butter and date sugar ($7).

Negril’s Jerk Hut

Hit up Negril’s for satisfying and affordable Caribbean breakfasts, like an ackee and saltfish spread with fried dumplings or festivals ($10) or one with callaloo, featuring leafy greens sautéed with onions, scallions and thyme, plus a choice of boiled bananas or potatoes ($10). From the all-day menu, you can’t go wrong with the jerk or stewed chicken meals ($6.85).
More budget bites: Curry chicken kicked up with scotch bonnet ($6.85) or the jerk chicken roti, tender bird swaddled in a Jamaican butter wrap ($7.85).

Crown Pastries

Rasoul and Ismail Alsalha (also brothers) bake up absolutely addictive Syrian sweets and snacks using family recipes brought with them from Aleppo. An order of assorted baklava—pistachio, chocolate, Nutella, hazelnut—covers all the flavour bases ($8.75 for five), and kunafa, stuffed in a bun and drizzled with sweet syrup, is like the dessertification of grilled cheese ($7.50).
More budget bites: The Madlouka Plate, a layer of kunafa mixed with milk and smooth ashta cream and topped with nuts. $8

Mini Moe’s Burgers Fries and Funnel Cakes

As the name suggests, this spot in the same strip mall as Sumaq is known for three things: halal burgers, fries and funnel cakes. Fan favourites include the Mini Burger, a beef patty loaded with your choice of toppings ($9), or the Beyond Meat version ($10).
More budget bites: The Cluck N Poutine, with crispy chicken strips, veggie gravy and cheese curds. $9

Banh Mi Metro

Stuffed-to-bursting banh mi and fluffy bao are the signature menu items here. Best bets include the banh mi loaded with braised pork belly ($8.50), lemongrass chicken ($8) or the classic cold cuts ($5).
More budget bites: The grilled beef bao ($7), kimchi fries ($6.50) or sticky rice with chinese sausage ($5.50).

Super Hakka Restaurant

The Super Lunch specials are key here. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Indian, Hakka, Chinese and Caribbean combo meals go on sale for just $9.75 each. Choose from the shrimp Shanghai noodles, kung pao chicken, crispy ginger beef and Bombay chicken plates.
More budget bites: Pan-fried chicken dumplings ($8.95 for 10) or chili fries ($6.95).

FV Foods

Equal parts restaurant, grocery store and bakery, FV specializes in Filipino comfort food, like hopia baboy, pork pastries ($7 for two); siopao, steamed buns stuffed with chicken ($7.50 for two); and ensaymada, sweet pastries topped with butter, sugar and cheese ($3).
More budget bites: Bibingka kanin with latik, sticky rice with coconut jam ($9.50).


This fast-casual Mediterranean has been turning out very filling and flavourful wraps stuffed with falafel ($6) and beef shawarma ($7. 50) since 1962.
More budget bites: The veggie-and-hummus sandwich ($5).

Chicken Kitchen

Located inside the Skyland Food Mart, this quick-service chain serves up golden-fried halal chicken goodness in the form of nuggets ($8 for six) and the Mini Sandwich, chicken nuggets nestled in a baby burger bun and topped with spicy mayo ($10).
More budget bites: A chicken leg kiddie combo with drink and side ($6).