What’s on the menu at GG’s Burgers, a retro-inspired diner at Woodbine Beach

What’s on the menu at GG’s Burgers, a retro-inspired diner at Woodbine Beach

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Name: GG’s Burgers
Contact: 1681 Lake Shore Blvd. E., ggsburgers.ca, @ggsburgers
Neighbourhood: The Beaches
Owner: Scale Hospitality
Chef: Rob McKim
Outdoor seating: A 30-seat patio
Covid-19 safety measures: Strict mask policy for staff and patrons, frequent sanitization, limited capacity indoors
Accessibility: Fully accessible

The food

GG’s is all about classic comfort food: burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken, done right and in beach-ready combo form. Building out the menu started with finding the perfect burger grind. After much testing, chef Rob McKim settled on a coarse grind of chuck, brisket and sirloin hit with some dry-aged beef fat to keep everything moist and extra flavourful. The burgers are smashed on a nickel-plated flat top, yielding a crispy exterior and delightful chew. There’s also buttermilk fried chicken, fresh cut shoestring fries, an indulgent patty melt made with thick-cut Texas toast, Nashville hot chicken and a chili cheese dog, among other nostalgic fare.

Burger balls getting salt bae’d before hitting the flat top. GG’s uses a coarse grind of brisket, chuck and sirloin kicked up with dry-aged beef fat for extra moisture and flavour.


Burgers smashed to crisp, lacy-edged perfection on the nickel-plated flat top.


GG’s cheeseburger ($9) features GG’s special sauce, cheddar, onion, dill pickle and lettuce on a Martin’s sesame bun.


A smash on the flat top means all the components of the Patty Melt ($9.50) have a chance to get to know each other.


The patty melt ($9.50) is the lovechild of a burger and a grilled cheese. A smash patty, caramelized onions brightened with sherry vinegar, cheddar and mustard are sandwiched between thick-cut Texas toast. McKim says this is the favourite of his burger-adjacent menu items.


The makings of a Sundowner Combo: two burgers, two crispy chicken sandwiches, two hot dogs, two fries and two onion rings, as well as six pops. For when you and five friends need an easy solution for lakeside group hangs. $68.


The dark meat in GG’s Crispy Chicken ($9.50) takes an overnight dip in buttermilk brine before getting dredged and dropped in a deep-fryer. It goes on a Martin’s potato roll with house-made ranch, sliced tomato and pickle.


The all-beef hot dog ($7) is served on a toasted Martin’s potato bun with GG’s sauce, diced onions and dill pickles.


A feast fit for the beach


Name something more retro than a sea of French’s mustard packets. We’ll wait.
The drinks

Shakes—chocolate, vanilla and strawberry—are made with organic milk, house-made syrup and soft serve. GG’s also cans its own cocktails—there’s a margarita and a Long Island iced tea—both of which taste significantly less artificial than the standard canned varieties you’ll find at a certain big box liquor store. A small selection of canned beers is available: Miller High Life, Coors Organic, Belgian Moon and Molson OV. Other bevvies include juice boxes, Snapple and cans of pop (including cult favourite Tahitian Treat).

GG’s canned cocktails ($10 each) taste as close as a can can get to a freshly made drink. Add one to your combo and reach retro burger nirvana.


The highly slurpable strawberry milkshake ($6) is made with Harmony Organic milk, house-made strawberry preserves and soft serve.
The space

In keeping with its peace-and-love-era vibe, GG’s service counter is done up with brown, orange and pink tiles. Behind it is an open kitchen, perfect for watching the staff work their burger magic. And outside, the “burger oasis” (otherwise known as a patio) is enclosed by a white picket fence bedazzled with string lights.

McKim takes a break from smashing patties to pose for a pic