What’s on the takeout menu at Conspiracy Pizza’s new Leaside location

What’s on the takeout menu at Conspiracy Pizza’s new Leaside location

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Name: Conspiracy Pizza
Contact: 858 Eglinton Ave. E., conspiracypizza.ca, @conspiracy.pizza
Neighbourhood: Leaside
Owner and chef: Dan Rios
Outdoor seating: Yes (patio opens week of June 14)
Covid-19 safety measures: Strict mask policy for staff and patrons, frequent sanitization, physical distancing
Accessibility: Will be fully accessible in late June once ramps are installed

The food

Pizza, of course. The menu, which includes classic and creatively topped pies with on-brand names like Roswell and Chupacabra, is mostly unchanged from its previous location. There are a few additions: The Canadian, which sports a classic combo of crumbled pepperoni, mushroom and house-smoked bacon, and Difunta Correa, a red onion–topped vegetarian option, named after a legendary Argentinian folk figure. All the pizzas are $12 for a small (ideal for one hungry person) and $28 for a large (which feeds three or four such people).

Dough proofed for up to five days makes for a thin, crispy crust—it’s flavourful in a clean, baguette-like way, since the shop makes a point of using neutral-tasting yeast to let the Caputo flour shine through. The brisket, bacon and ham is house-smoked in the back, and there’s house hot sauce (medium-spicy Wikiheats or sweat-inducing Illuminhotti) available on the side or by the bottle. And, there are plenty of options for dietary restrictions: substituting for gluten-free crust, vegan cheese or vegan sausage garners no extra charge.

There are also oven-roasted wings with a Tajin (chili-lime) rub, a couple of salads, dough balls and a few commercial brands of hot sauce for sale. Rios is currently working on a deli concept, so we might see sandwiches from this location in the future. “We’re so grateful to the community for welcoming us back,” says Rios. “In our first week, every other chit had a welcome message on it. It’s really kept us going.”

Tajin-rubbed, oven-roasted chicken wings (the smoker is too small) are light, zesty and golden brown. They come with a choice of dipping sauce, pictured here from left to right: house-made medium spice Wikiheats hot sauce, milder Valentina hot sauce, and barbecue sauce. $12.50 for 10 pieces.


Here’s a small Difunta Correa, named after a revered Argentinian folk figure. With sharp provolone, stretchy mozzarella, parm, oregano, red onion and a garlic oil base, it’s straight up oniony, cheesy goodness.


The Bay of Pigs: a Cubano sandwich on a pizza. White sauce and mozzarella make up the base, topped with house-smoked pulled pork, bacon, red onion, sweet(ish) pickles and sharp mustard sauce.

Crumbled Bratwurst sausage is the star of the Dino Bones pizza, rounded out with mozzarella and provolone, ground beef, red onion and oregano.


Here we have one of Conspiracy’s new menu additions: a classic Canadian pie topped with crumbled pepperoni, mushrooms and bacon on a base of red sauce, mozzarella and cheddar. It really hits the special spot only this type of Canadiana can.


The “Roswell” is essentially a nacho platter in pizza form. Black olives, jalapeños, and tomatoes grant the ground beef and house-smoked pulled pork a wallop of freshness. It sits on just enough mozzarella and cheddar, topped with green onions, crunchy Fritos and cilantro sour cream.


Rios and his smoker
The drinks

A liquor license is in the works, at which point there will be wine and beer on the menu. For now, there’s GoodDrinks iced tea, still and sparkling water, and several varieties of Boylan’s soda.

The space

Floor-to-ceiling windows and an open kitchen give the already large room an even airier feel. Two other businesses, set to launch in the next month, share the space: Phamily Eats, a beef patty and pot pie shop that started out of a condo during the pandemic; and Churnt Up, a boutique ice creamery with flavours like mini egg and honey teddy graham.

There will be enough indoor seating for 30 diners once Covid restrictions allow—for now, there’s a patio out front, set to launch in mid-June. And for those who can’t make it to the restaurant, Conspiracy Pizza runs its own (free, with a $20 minimum order) delivery service: north to York Mills, east to Victoria Park, south to Bloor, and west to Yonge. The delivery zone is set to expand in the coming months.

Soon the space will have two more reasons to visit: Phamily Eats’ patties and Churnt Up’s ice cream