Hot Buy: The Ultimate Toronto Fall Tasting Box

Hot Buy: The Ultimate Toronto Fall Tasting Box

TL believes that good things come in small batches. And that’s why we teamed up with to create the Ultimate Toronto Fall Tasting Box—a package chock full of our favourite Canadian-made artisanal (and autumnal) treats. It’s the perfect present for the food lover in your life, and a delicious way to treat yourself. The $18.95 box (plus shipping and handling) is crammed with $30 worth of gourmet goods, including:

Niagara Jam Co.’s Local Preserves
Only the highest quality Niagara-grown produce goes into these small-batch, handcrafted preserves. Know what doesn’t go in? Added juices, dyes or preservatives—that’s what. Spread them on toast, sweeten up a grilled cheese sandwich or—even better—dilute them with simple syrup and add to your favourite cocktail.

Patience Fruit Co.’s Whole & Juicy Dried Cranberries
These juicy berries, organically grown in Quebec, are harvested in the fall and then slowly dried—just enough to maintain their plump size, berry taste and nutritional benefits.

Chaiwala Chai’s Fresh Blend
A unique blend of spices, raw ginger root and certified organic honey goes into this 100 per cent natural masala chai that’s handmade in Toronto. Give it a chai!

Pristine Gourmet’s Cold Pressed Canola Oil
This robust oil is not only a favourite of top chefs, but it also has the lowest saturated fat content of all the oils. Yes, all the oils. This is not your supermarket variety canola, and can be used in raw or cooking applications.

The Wandering Locavore’s Cranberry Ketchup
Cranberries: not just for Thanksgiving anymore. This flavourful, low-in-sugar ketchup made with Muskoka cranberries adds a burst of flavour to burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches, but it’s a natural pair for turkey and ham, too. Move over, tomatoes!

It’s A Wild Thing’s Wild Herb–Infused Finishing Salt
Mineral-rich Atlantic sea salt and sustainably foraged ingredients bring the rugged outdoors to your kitchen table. Add a pinch of the Wild Nettle and Mixed Mushroom Salt to any meat, green or root vegetable before serving, or sprinkle some Linden-Blossom and Lemongrass Salt over sliced apples, pears or watermelon.

Think of it as your I-can’t-believe-summer-is-over survival kit. Quantities are limited, so buy your Ultimate Toronto Fall Tasting Box now.