Toronto’s best artisanal ice creams

Toronto’s best artisanal ice creams

The nitro crème fraîche from Colborne Lane (Photo by Daniel Shipp)

Toronto’s dairy artisans are creating ice cream for grown-ups with quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours. Here, the city’s four best.

Hand-churned in a nitro-fuelled billow of cold smoke and plated like a po-mo sundae, this is dessert as art. With an incredibly rich, tangy cream base (both sour and fraîche) and an intense lemon kick, it’s simply the best ice cream we’ve tasted. Ever. $17. Colborne Lane.

The combination of heavy cream and finely ground star anise makes for a supremely smooth, mellow bite. It might induce momentary eye closing; snagging a sidewalk seat is recommended. Small cup $3.85. Greg’s Ice Cream.

Forget the medicinal ring to the word “prune.” This barely sweet Callebaut milk chocolate ice cream is dotted with plump and chewy
chunks of sherry-soaked fruit. It’s like cocoa-kissed rum-raisin with sun-ripened Spanish swagger. $4. Xococava.

POMPELMO (or “grapefruit” to anglophones)
Refreshing doesn’t come close to capturing the pure puckery hit of citrus. Light, bright and undeniably thirst-quenching, the blush white gelato is a scoop of zingy heaven. Small cup $4. Il Gelatiere Artigianale.