Toronto’s best cheap burgers right now

Toronto’s best cheap burgers right now

Five of our all-time favourite patties for $10 or less

Extra Burger’s single cheeseburger

1. Extra Burger’s single cheeseburger

If the burgers here are extra, it’s all in the details: three-ounces of perfectly seasoned beef, paper-thin shreds of crunchy iceberg lettuce,
a slice of tomato, tangy secret sauce and thick-cut kosher dill pickles. $9.

2. Gold Standard’s Telway Burger

Grilled in mustard and onions, topped with pickles and American cheese, wedged into a potato roll, and haphazardly wrapped in shiny gold foil, this burger isn’t going to win any beauty contests—but it’s what’s inside that counts. $8.50.

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3. JABS’s single cheeseburger

Though the acronym stands for Just Another Burger Spot, Janrikk Millan’s patties are anything but ordinary, and it’s his signature condiments— like a divine onion jam—that make them stand out. $9.

4. The Real McCoy’s Home Burger

While George Mihail’s bestselling Mojo Burger is $2 above our $10 threshold, his basic-is-best Home Burger—a juicy chargrilled patty with a choice of 10 toppings—falls just under and is a solid second choice. $9.75.

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5. Pepper’s Food and Drink’s Yummy Burger

Beneath the glowing menu at this store-slash-lunch-counter, Julian Ochangco cooks up these appropriately named patties that are more like slabs of juicy meatloaf, topped with American cheese and Filipino-style tartar sauce on a potato roll. $8.50. @peppers.189