Preview: seven over-the-top snacks coming to The Stop’s Night Market (fried pizza, anyone?)

Preview: seven over-the-top snacks coming to The Stop’s Night Market (fried pizza, anyone?)

The Stop Night Market
(Image: Gabriel Li)

In Toronto, summertime brings lots of happy things: boozy patio nights, lazy days spent loafing around in parks and, of course, The Stop’s Night Market, the packed foodie fundraiser hosted each year by the do-gooders at The Stop Community Food Centre. Last year’s all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink bash involved 2,000 revelers, 85 Toronto chefs and an energetic marching band. This year’s tasting feast promises to be just as rowdy and delicious, with food and booze from some of the city’s top culinary talents (you can check out the full lineup here, although anyone prone to seizures may want to avert their eyes).

Like last year’s event, the 2014 edition will take place over two nights (June 17 and 18) in the alleyway behind Honest Ed’s—which will probably be transformed into a big pile of condos one day soon, making the whole thing a little bittersweet. Tickets cost $65 and will start selling here at exactly 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 1. They’re guaranteed to go fastlast year’s batch disappeared in under an hour. In the meantime, here are descriptions of some of the mouthwatering snacks coming to this year’s party.

Udon Fries: Japanese pop-up Abokichi’s deep-fried udon noodles are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and topped with sweet, garlicky okazu sauce.

Deep-Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese: Bloor West brunch spot White Brick Kitchen will be serving its crunchy mac with tomato jam for dipping.

Fried Pizza: More fried stuff, this time from Pizzeria Libretto’s Rocco Agostino, who stole the show last year with his meatball sliders. His fried pies will come topped with tomato sauce and stracciatella.

Mini Medianoches: Those who aren’t already familiar with La Cubana’s meaty cubano-style sandwiches should probably take a peek at this photo. The special mini version will be served with Cuban corn.

Pork Shoulder: Trust Momofuku to make things complicated. Its grilled pork will be served with fish consomme and a fresh herb salad.

Jerk Goat: The Harbord Room will be braising goat legs and plating up the jerk-spiced meat with crunchy slaw, hot sauce and a charred-corn biscuit.

Soup Dumplings: Asian pop-up FeasTO’s pho-flavoured dumplings were so popular last year that they’re making a comeback. This year they’ll be served alongside tom-yum-flavoured chicken dumplings.