Sick Kids dumps Burger King from food court, but Pizza Pizza and Subway remain

Sick Kids dumps Burger King from food court, but Pizza Pizza and Subway remain

A minor victory for anti–junk food forces came last week as the creepy despot of the beef kingdom, Burger King, served its last meal from the Hospital for Sick Children’s food court. Some doctors at Sick Kids had been agitating to get Burger King shut down through a Facebook group suffering from severe friend anemia (seriously, 258 members?), but the process has apparently been underway for some time: Sick Kids had decided to auction off BK’s slot, and has managed the process so that something a bit healthier would win the competition.

According to the Globe and Mail:

Whatever some physicians may have thought of the burger chain’s menu, the hospital has benefited from the association. According to a statement from Cameron Loopstra, senior marketing manager at Burger King Canada, the chain has raised more than $2.5 million for the Sick Kids Foundation since 1999, mostly through initiatives such as the Toonie Bear campaign.

Mr. Loopstra says Burger King will continue to raise money for the hospital throughout this year.

Stuart Howe, director of business services and development at Sick Kids, says that when he was hired last January, he reviewed the hospital’s retail operations and surveyed staff to see what they wanted. Then, in June, an open bidding process began for a handful of leases; Burger King submitted a proposal, but didn’t win.

The dissonance between the excellent care people get at Sick Kids and the lack of care they do to their bodies by eating at Burger King has been irking some people for a while now. That dissonance is going to stick around for at least a little while, as Pizza Pizza and Subway get to remain in the food court. (How healthy is a veggie slice? Does the cheese need to be scraped off?) We eagerly look forward to the feedback from Sick Kids’ latest health food consultant, Jared Fogle.

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