The List: Ten things Mark McEwan can’t live without

The List: Ten things Mark McEwan can’t live without

The List: Ten things Mark McEwan can't live without

1 | My Grandma Devlin’s egg timer
It’s close to 100 years old and was the only thing of my grandmother’s that I really wanted. One turn makes a perfect soft-boiled egg, just right for eating with toast soldiers.

2 | My Kiton sport coat
There’s nothing like a well-made Italian jacket. But it’s a slippery slope: once you get used to wearing them, you can’t wear anything else. Kiton makes the ultimate version with the best cashmere and beautiful handmade construction. They last forever—this one’s five years old but looks like it’s brand new.

3 | My custom oyster knife
Patrick McMurray, the owner of Starfish on Adelaide and a ­champion oyster shucker, made it for me six years ago. With it, I can shuck oysters with ­ferocious speed.

4 | My IWC watch
I don’t collect watches like some guys do, but I always wear one. I feel off-­balance when I don’t. My wife, Roxanne, bought me a great one for my birthday last year. It’s manly without being too macho.

5 | My stand-up paddle board
When I’m at my cottage on Georgian Bay, I do two hours on the water first thing in the morning. It’s a killer workout.

The List: Ten things Mark McEwan can't live without

6 | My Frank Sinatra photo
Before my dad started working in television production, he was a singer—a crooner, like Sinatra—and he used to work with Sinatra a little bit in the early days. I keep a ­picture of the two of them to remind me how talented my dad was.

7 | My cologne
Creed Millesime is my favourite for special occasions. It’s got a herbaceous quality that brings out the Scottish in me.

8 | My go-to T-shirts
They’re by Shan. They fit perfectly, don’t wrinkle and look great. The company has a store on Avenue Road, just up from the Park Hyatt. I stock up frequently.

9 | My guerilla garden
I spend hours working in the garden at my cottage, and I’ve ­foraged more than 800 ferns for it from the forest nearby. I’ve even been yelled at for stealing plants. I was outside a campground at 6 in the morning, the backseat and trunk of my Mercedes filled with ferns. The superintendent saw them and started running toward me. I took off.

10 | My Hemingway Short Story cigars
I love the name. I love the shape. I love the size—it’s a 20-minute cigar, so you don’t get killed smoking some big long thing. They even come in beautiful wooden boxes. It’s the perfect smoke.