Food followers, the glutton gene, Canada the inebriated

Food followers, the glutton gene, Canada the inebriated

Booze: How much is too much? (Photo by Shawndra and Simon)

• A new study says that Canadians often exceed the recommended weekly alcohol limit. Surprisingly, the study also says that a safe level of consumption is four drinks a day for men and three drinks a day for women. We’ll drink to that. [CP]

• Compu-behemoth IBM is launching a Google-like food-tracking system with the province of Manitoba in order to prevent food contamination by following food from the farm to the grocery store. [CBC]

• People are literally buying the farm by investing in GTA growers, getting delicious, locally grown profit that Bernie Madoff types can’t touch. More and more investors are choosing food as their return. [Toronto Star]

• A York University researcher says that binge eating may be caused by a receptor in the brain that has been linked to drug addiction. This explains the fridge scene in 9 ½ Weeks. [Exchange]

• Since the Ontario Medical Association demanded that restaurants post calorie counts in their menus, the Globe has published a guide to ordering healthier items when eating out. Hint: if it’s called a taco salad, it’s not a salad. [Globe and Mail]