Virgins infiltrate the Junos

Virgins infiltrate the Junos

Chad Kroeger: Juno playboy (Image: Sezzles)

We’re not just talking about Justin Bieber here; there will be a lot of first-time nominees at this Sunday’s Juno Awards. Drake, who was already nominated for two Grammys, has four nominations (he’s nominated twice in the rap recording of the year category), and Bieber could walk away with three awards. But like most Juno Awards, many of the 94 first-time nominees don’t register with the masses. Still, we were surprised that this is the first time that Howie Beck has won a nom (for best adult alternative album), since he already has four albums out and is a well-known and well-received artist in the industry.

Carolyn Mark, up for best traditional album, has been on the music scene since the ’90s and gets points for being upfront about how artists feel when they’re first nominated for a Juno. “Like anything, if you’re invited, it seems way cooler,” she told the Star. “We just played the Olympics, and it was kind of the same thing. We were like, ‘Olympics? Whatever!’ Then, ‘Oh, you want us to play? Sure, we’ll be right there!’ It changes, I guess, if you’re included.” If only all of Canada could be invited.

For the record, Nickelback has been nominated every year since 2001 and has won 12 Junos so far. They’re up for two awards this year.

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