This Movie Is Broken: the drinking game

This Movie Is Broken: the drinking game

Concert movies are great, but they often lack a narrative; so in their cinematic ode to Toronto and Broken Social Scene, This Movie Is Broken, director Bruce McDonald and writer Don McKellar created a story set during a show. Filmed during last summer’s garbage strike, the movie (opening on June 25) follows Bruno (Greg Calderone) as he attempts to win over his long-time crush, Carolyn Rush (Georgina Reilly), by taking her to the BSS show at Harbourfront before she moves away. Lovelorn angst, longing subtext and sprawling band footage abound. Here at The Hype, we believe the only thing that goes better with a concert than unrequited love is booze (perhaps some agave tequila, which we hear the band drinks on tour). Thus, we present the This Movie Is Drunken Drinking Game, after the jump.

Take a drink:

• Whenever you think Kevin Drew is a dead ringer for Eddie Vedder. Admittedly, it might require pre-drinking to see the resemblance.

• When you spot a band member looking bored. With so many BSSers onstage (we counted 14), there are times when some don’t have anything to do. Bonus swig if you spot a non-guitarist playing air guitar.

• If you wish you could shake it like Emily Haines. We mean a tambourine.

• Every time the lead female character’s name is repeated in lieu of characterization. Bruno says it like a mantra. Carolyn Rush. Carolyn Rush. Carolyn Rush.

• When someone lights a joint. Rock out, man!

• Every time a concert-goer looks confusedly at the camera, clearly not knowing they are going to be in a feature film.

• Whenever Carolyn Rush is in a bathroom. Whether she’s getting dressed or taking a break at the concert, this seems to happen strangely often. Though maybe it’s just surprising because people in movies usually have such strong bladders.

• Every time you see the guy wearing the Fila shirt in the front row. In fact, tip one back for any unintentional product placement. Sirius, we’re looking at you.

• When band members mention how they’re all friends, and for every time they perform an act of kindness for each other. The occasionally rocky relationships between BSS members have been well documented, so this movie takes special care to show how much they all love each other. By the end of the film, you’ll love whoever you’re with, too, including the stranger beside you...

• When the stranger beside you starts to look more attractive.

• For every time the lead character switches things up and knocks boots with his best bro Blake (Kerr Hewitt). Spoiler: this happens only once, but it’s as surprising as an M. Night Shyamalan ending.

• If the shots of the bustling, vibrant Harbourfront inspire you to spend more time feeding swans by the water.

• Every time the shots of fly-infested trash heaps make you grateful there’s no garbage strike this summer. Knock on wood.


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