Recipe to Riches: The Unofficial Poll

Recipe to Riches: The Unofficial Poll

It’s almost time. After seven weeks of batch-up challenge near disasters, product rebrandings both savvy and dubious and the requisite reality TV tears, faithful viewers of Recipe to Riches will finally be able to vote for their favourite winning dish on the show’s website starting tomorrow. The grand prize winner will walk away with a cool quarter million dollars, and their dish will join that “prestigious President’s Choice line of products” that host Jesse Palmer is always talking about. But before the official tally gets under way, we thought we’d seek the counsel of our trusty tasting panel, which has been dutifully testing each dish week after week, and let our esteemed readers weigh in as well.

In the end, our tasting panel was split, with Rosy Soobrattee’s Kulfi Karma from episode six (which got high marks for originality) edging out John Grass’s Chicken Grenades from episode three (which were lauded for actually living up to the promise on the box). Sonya Walos’s Smart Cookie, from episode five, was a distant third (it’s also ineligible for the grand prize). Before casting your own vote in the poll below, you might want to jog your memory by perusing our recaps and reviews: Episode 1, Luscious Lemon Pudding Cakes; Episode 2, Rock n’ Peach Bliss Cheesecake; Episode 3, Chicken Grenades; Episode 4, Bannock Hazelnut Pie; Episode 5, The Smart Cookie; Episode 6, Kulfi Karma; Episode 7, Slow and Low Pulled Pork.

Which was your favourite dish from season one of Recipe to Riches?

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*Sure, Walos isn’t eligible for the grand prize, but we thought that’s all the more reason to let the gluten-averse show their support for her Smart Cookie here.