Four moments you missed from The Weeknd’s stellar Saturday Night Live performance

Four moments you missed from The Weeknd's stellar Saturday Night Live performance
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Cranking up anticipation for his forthcoming album Starboy, The Weeknd joined host Margot Robbie to bring some star power to the 41st season premiere of Saturday Night Live. It was Abel Tesfaye’s fourth appearance on the late-night comedy institution (twice as musical guest, twice as a surprise cameo)—and he’s only 26. Here are four highlights from The Weeknd’s time at 30 Rock this, uh, weekend.

The Promo

Besides his searing falsetto, The Weeknd is perhaps best know to casual fans for his hedge-sculpture hairdo. The premiere’s teaser poked fun at Tesfaye for reining in his pompadour.


The Single

Buzz about The Weeknd’s forthcoming LP, due out November 25, has centred around his collaboration with legendary French DJs Daft Punk on the scorching title track. Decked out in black with his backing band pushed to the shadows, Tesfaye performed the instantly addictive track underneath a giant, angled white cross, pumping the mic stand as the stage got bathed in dry ice.


The Update

As was the case the last time Tesfaye was featured on SNL, fake news anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che cut away from Weekend Update to provide “The Weeknd Update.” Dumb funny.


The Closer

Tesfaye cranked up the energy after midnight to perform Starboy’s second single, “False Alarm,” a pulsing, hand-clappy dance-rock number. He danced and screamed, wielding the mic stand like a punk rocker during the tune’s energetic hook as multicoloured lights panicked and crashed. As the stage faded to black, The Weeknd blew a kiss to the crowd.


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