Every new title coming to Amazon Prime Video in April

Every new title coming to Amazon Prime Video in April

The Tick, season 2

This comic book revamp spoofs the macho superhero trope. The titular character—played by Guardians of the Galaxy and Shaun of the Dead star Peter Serafinowicz—is a near-invulnerable (and forgetful) good guy with the mannerisms of a six-year-old. Last season, the Tick and his sidekick, a neurotic former accountant named Arthur, defeated The Terror, an undead super-villain who was stirring up trouble in the city’s underworld. But civilization isn’t safe just yet. Season two introduces a new cast of wicked characters, setting the duo up for another series of head-to-head battles that poke fun at Captain America and Thor. April 5.


Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino reboots this 1977 Italian cult classic with dark twists. The latest in a sub-genre of slow-paced thrillers that favour mind-bending social commentary over jump scares and gore, Suspiria tells the story of a young American ballerina (50 Shades of Grey‘s Dakota Johnson) who joins a prestigious dance academy in Berlin. The catch? The school is run by a coven of witches, who want to use her body as a host for the undead. An ominous score from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke amps up the fear factor. April 26. 

The Dark

This new horror flick avoids Walking Dead–style zombie clichés and tells the story from the monster’s perspective. The protagonist, an undead girl named Mina who resembles a bloodier version of the unmasked Phantom of the Opera, lurks in the forest where she was murdered years earlier. Those who cross her path become a gory feast. But things change when a kidnapper passes through with his hostage, a blind teenage boy. The criminal is no match for the forest’s demons, but Mina spares his victim and the two form an unlikely friendship. April 1.

Cocaine Prison

The new documentary from the Bolivian filmmaker Violeta Ayala focuses on the grittier details of the drug world, telling the stories of people who end up in the crossfire of the cartel. At its centre is Hernan, the son of Bolivian coca farmers, who ends up serving eight years in jail after being caught during his brief stint as a drug mule. April 1. 

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