Colin Farrell’s four-step plan to win us over

Colin Farrell’s four-step plan to win us over

Exhibit A: Farrell’s black fedora

We went to the Ondine press conference ready to dislike Colin Farrell. This is the guy who flips out at paps, drinks heavily and is generally just a rough and tumble dou… dude. He had U2 show up for the film’s premiere last night, and Bono tops our list of irrational celeb hate-ons. So when Farrell showed up wearing a fedora and plenty of jewellery, our claws were out. We were sadly disappointed. Turns out, he’s actually pretty likable. Here, Farrell’s four fast steps into our hearts.

Step one: reveal weaknesses
“I can’t swim for shite,” said Farrell. “I’m a doggy paddler.” We never made it past our orange badge either.

Step two: share diet tips
After moderator Robert Gray told the actor he “looked buff,” we couldn’t disagree. Farrell gave credit to his fast metabolism but later muttered something about cigarettes helping. We’ve been following his diet plan for years, but it doesn’t seem to work as well for us.

Step three: make jokes about U2
“You really should go and see their concert,” said Farrell about tonight’s U2 show. “They’re going to be huge. Huge.”

Step four: be sarcastic
When a reporter asked whether his choice in roles would change once he becomes a father (his girlfriend and Ondine co-star Alicja Bachleda is pregnant), he replied: “Yeah, only Pixar films. He’s a fish! No, he’s a knight in shining armour! No, he’s a lizard in the desert!”

Listen, we’d probably lose it once in a while too if we had to endure a lifetime of those camera flashes. So Colin Farrell, thanks to this press conference, we like you now. We’re sure you care deeply.