Toronto Batman “doesn’t have a problem with” Brampton Batman

Toronto Batman “doesn’t have a problem with” Brampton Batman

Toronto Batman (left) and Brampton Batman (right).

The GTA now has two Batmans—Batmen? Batpeople?—but it seems unlikely that there will be a bat-on-bat turf war as a result. Toronto Batman, real name Alex Brovedani, has been delighting—and sometimes frightening—downtowners with his YouTube-friendly antics for almost two years. For a while, he was the only dark knight in the area, but now the Star has found a second Batman, real name Stephen Lawrence, who dons a cape and cowl to stalk the streets of Brampton after dark.

Both men have their distinctive strengths. Toronto Batman has a deeper, raspier voice, while Brampton Batman owns an actual batmobile. Toronto Batman poses for pictures with tourists in Yonge-Dundas Square, while Brampton Batman delights late-night coffee drinkers by hanging out at a local Starbucks, where he gets free tea. Toronto Batman tends to play his persona for laughs, while Brampton Batman says he hopes to fight, among other things, racism. Both have very authentic-looking Batman costumes.

Despite the potential for a Batman-on-Batman beef, Toronto Batman says he’s fine with sharing the spotlight. “I’m an entertainer,” he told us earlier today. “I’m not going around looking for stuff in Brampton. If he wants to do that, that’s fine.”

(Image: Toronto Batman: Toronto Batman’s Facebook page; Brampton Batman: Brampton Batman’s Facebook page.)