This couple makes a combined $106,000 a year. How are they spending during the pandemic?

This couple makes a combined $106,000 a year. How are they spending during the pandemic?

Who Jaclyn Vogl (@jaclynvoglphotography), 32, and Tom Fletcher, 33
What they do She’s a photographer; he’s a private chef
What they make A combined $106,000
Where they live A three-bedroom apartment at Ossington and Dupont

Regular Expenses

Rent $1,150 a month, including utilities, for half of the apartment. “We share with a roommate, but he’s a close friend so we get along well,” says Tom.

Internet $75 a month.

Cell $125 a month.

Subscriptions $20 a month, for Crave Total, which includes HBO and Showtime. “The Night Of is one of the best series I’ve seen in a while,” says Jaclyn.

Transportation $60 a month, for Uber. “Tom likes to bike everywhere, and I’ll usually take an Uber to get to my photo studio.”

Groceries $800 a month. “We eat well at home because Tom’s an amazing chef,” says Jaclyn. “Right now he’s on a carnivore diet, which has upped our grocery bill.”

Eating out $310 a month. “We go out maybe twice a month, at most, on special occasions,” says Tom. “We love the chicken sandwich at Maha’s in the east end.”

Jaclyn’s photography studio $3,000 a month. “I opened the doors to Suite 406 last year,” says Jaclyn. “It’s a 1,425-square-foot studio at Spadina and Adelaide.”

Recent Splurges

Two-week trip to B.C. $6,000, for travel, food and lodging. “We visited Vancouver, Whistler and Tofino last fall,” says Jaclyn. “Of course, I took photos of everything I could. The mountains were majestic.”

Niche Zero coffee grinder $900. “I drink as many as six espressos a day, and this grinder should last me forever,” says Tom.

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