This Bloordale Village film prop buyer makes $99,900 a year. How does she spend it?

This Bloordale Village film prop buyer makes $99,900 a year. How does she spend it?

“I sell reclaimed vintage pieces as a side hustle”

This Bloordale Village film prop buyer makes $99,900 a year. How does she spend it?

Who: Nicole Stephenson, 41
What she does: She’s a prop buyer for a film production company and the owner of Goodeye Vintage
What she makes: $99,900 a year
Where she lives: A studio in Bloordale Village with her tabby cat, Magic

Regular Expenses

Rent: $1,500 a month, utilities included. “My former roommate and I were living in a unit downstairs before the pandemic. Then, in December 2021, my current place became available. I was lucky to find such a decent price and such a good landlord.”

Cell: $90 a month with Telus.

Internet: $25 a month with TekSavvy. “I split the cost with someone downstairs, so that keeps it cheap.”

More Toronto Budgets

Groceries: $150 a month. “There’s a FreshCo down the street, and I usually buy my produce in Kensington Market.”
Dining out: $400 a month. “That includes takeout. I usually eat at a restaurant once a week and order in once a week.”
Entertainment: $250 a month. “I go to a lot of concerts. The last one I went to was an 11-piece band, and the tickets were $10. I’m certainly not splurging on Taylor Swift.”
Clothing: $100 a month. “Most of my money is spent on second-hand clothes and home decor for my business. I also trade my clothes at Common Sort for store credit—I have around $200 in credit there at any given time.”

Pet care: $75 a month. “Magic is an inside cat, and she’s pretty self sufficient, so I don’t have to spend much on vet bills. It’s mostly for treats.”

Charity: $100 a month. “My 16-year-old second cousin was born with diabetes, so I donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, among other charities.”

Business expenses: $200 a month. “I sell reclaimed vintage pieces as a side hustle, and I just started renting a shared space for my inventory at Bazaar on College.”

Savings: $800 a month. “I make automatic payments to my TFSA and RRSP. I have quite a bit saved up. I was pre-approved for a mortgage in February 2020 and plan to buy a cottage in Georgian Bay, where my family lives. But the market isn’t super friendly right now.”

Nicole Stephenson pets her cat at home in Bloordale Village

Decorative items in a Bloordale Village apartment

A kitchen in a Bloordale Village apartment

Recent Splurges

Artisanal lamp: $120. “I bought a lamp that was made out of a croissant—an actual croissant. Sure, it’s money I could have spent on groceries, but it’s a really cool lamp.”

Wedding in Quebec: $1,000. “A couple of friends got married, and I was a bridesmaid. The wedding was at an old farm, and I went up early to help cook and make decorations. We found creative ways to keep the costs down.”