“Pimp Daddy” just too inappropriate to become one of Toronto’s finest

“Pimp Daddy” just too inappropriate to become one of Toronto’s finest

Sean Pierson as Pimp Daddy (Image: seanpierson.com)

If there are any lessons to be learned from Sean Pierson’s failed attempt to become a Toronto police officer, it’s this one that truly stands out: do not ignore personal Web page maintenance. The 34-year old cop-wannabe and UFC fighter once known as “Pimp Daddy” was told by Toronto Police over a year ago that his moniker probably wasn’t suitable for an enforcer of the law. Since Pierson has apparently been unable to completely shake the reputation—remnants of Pimp Daddy are scattered across the Web—his offer of employment with the police has been revoked, the Star reports.

In an age where the Internet is making everything permanent, Pierson’s is a plight that’s easy to sympathize with—or rather, it would be if he didn’t still have photos of himself as Pimp Daddy on his Web site. We’re still trying to figure out whether the name is overly offensive or just lame: there are plenty of perfectly reasonable UFC nicknames out there like The Hammer, The Iceman and The Janitor, all of which would probably add to a police officer’s authority and aura of mystique.

If nothing else, Pierson’s persona adds to the burgeoning trend of local police dealing with people who have unshakable Internet reputations and hilarious names.

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