Some photos of the carnage wreaked by yesterday’s storm

On Sunday, a hellish torrent of rain and wind ripped through Toronto. Lucky for the city, the storm was a mere trickle compared to Irma, Maria or Ophelia—it seemed to rage for five minutes before disappearing entirely—but it still wreaked havoc on trees, cars and hydro poles, leaving 25,000 homes without power overnight (most of those houses now have power again). Here, a look at the aftermath.

First, a terrifying view of its arrival:

It awakened a demon ghost in this person’s patio cushion:

The wind took out a beer billboard:

And lodged a twig in this woman’s hair:

Storm: 1. Car: 0:

These SUVs were a little luckier:

The storm took down a street lamp:


And snapped this tree clean in half:

This street was particularly apocalyptic-looking:

Roncesvalles went dark:

Some folks surveyed the damage this morning:

Waterloo got it much worse than Toronto:


But these kids in Burlington saw a bright side:

And this little guy rolled with it:


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