MPP accuses Torontonians of not knowing who Bambi is

MPP accuses Torontonians of not knowing who Bambi is

Toronto has wildlife, too (Image: Renée Suen)

If the whole Toronto-as-its-own-province thing sounded like a bad idea last month, its current champion (not Mel Lastman, that’s so 1999) hasn’t done it much justice by trying to articulate it in a recent Q&A with the Post. Apparently, Progressive Conservative MPP Bill Murdoch claims that one of the problems with Toronto is its multiculturalism. The city has been “settled by people from out of Canada,” therefore its denizens can’t understand the hardships the rest of the province endures at the hands of coyotes, skunks and whatnot. The 905 regions are still cool, though, “because they do have agriculture parts of them.”

First of all, does he really think that there are no immigrants living in the 905? A few people would beg to differ. And also, doesn’t tapping trees for maple syrup count as agriculture?

“Down there,” Murdoch continues, presumably meaning Toronto, “they think that Bambi is still a cartoon character. Whereas Bambi can be shot and ate, and Bambi can do a lot of destruction on a rural farm.”

As one commenter duly noted, Torontonians do not think Bambi is a cartoon character; we think he is some kind of invading space alien that can only be dealt with by dozens of emergency task force personnel armed with Tasers, nets and dart guns.

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