Ten things Jermain Defoe can’t live without

Ten things Jermain Defoe can’t live without

As the new face of Toronto FC, the English striker is leading the club’s drive for its first-ever playoff spot. Here, the 10 things he can’t live without

Ten things Jermain Defoe can't live without

1 | My Bible
I always have one with me. I grew up in a Catholic home, and my family taught me to have faith.

2 | My aftershave
I’ll never ever wear anything but Creed Aventus. When I left England for Toronto, I brought loads of bottles with me in case I couldn’t find it here. Then I arrived, and you can get it everywhere.

3 | My watch collection
My mom keeps all of them in a safe—she won’t give them to me! She says I’ll leave them out and someone will steal them. This Franck Muller is one of my favourites. I didn’t want white ­diamonds because they’re too flashy, so I got black diamonds instead.

4 | My charity
I launched the Jermain Defoe Foundation last year to help disadvantaged kids in St. Lucia, where my mom’s from. We’re working to raise enough money to build a children’s home, and I’d like to set up a football academy there, too.

5 | My hand cream
It’s Laura Mercier, and it’s the best moisturizer in the world. When I first got to Toronto, I was sitting in the locker room, putting it on, and the boys are all looking at me, like, “J.D., what’s that?” I made them smell it and now they all want to get some.

Ten things Jermain Defoe can't live without

6 | My two phones
One’s for ­England, the other is for Toronto. Wherever I go, I always try to get a phone number that ends with 1414—I had that number years ago, and I like keeping it.

7 | My pre-game ritual
I have porridge with berries twice on game days: once when I wake up, and again in the afternoon. I do get sick of it, but the slow-release energy works. As Mike Tyson said, “Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but nonetheless doing it like you love it.”

8 | A football
The obvious pick. From the time I could walk, I was crazy for ­football. Even when I’m retired, I’ll still have a kick-around with my friends.

9 | My iPad
I use it to watch films when we’re travelling for away games. I love the classics and gangster films—The Godfather, Scarface, American Gangster.

10 | My TFC suit
In England, you always have a club suit, but it’s usually quite basic—just a badge on the blazer. Here, the entire team has three-piece suits by Garrison. They’re really sharp.