Huffington Post notes Canada’s existence, job numbers

Huffington Post notes Canada’s existence, job numbers

Keep left is more like it: HuffPo eyes the border (Image: TheTruthAbout)

In a post voiced somewhere between a zoo plaque for children and a swindling travel brochure, U.S. news site HuffPo tells its readership that Canada may be an excellent place to direct unemployed Americans:

Stubbornly high unemployment rates got you down? Not sold on the economic recovery? Look no further than America’s polite neighbor to the north, where jobs numbers are surging and home prices have been rising steadily for nearly a year.

See, Canada created 93,000 jobs last month, while the United States added only 83,000. (Note that Canada has one-tenth the populati0n of the U.S.) Combine that with the fact that our unemployment rate is falling while our house prices are rising, and the numbers are impressive enough to capture the attention of our oil-spewing neighbours to the south. We also have free health care, legalized same-sex marriage and poutine, all of which should appeal to the liberal bon vivants that make up HuffPo’s audience. Business Week also adds that the Canadian dollar rose in July, making the increasingly colourful American currency less and less revered around the world.

HuffPo’s online poll reveals that 62 percent of readers would be willing to move to Canada for a job, while 14 percent would rather tough it out Yankside. Perhaps it is now our turn to be shocked by numbers. Could a mass influx of unemployed Americans really be in the cards? Hey, if it is, at least the U.S. can give us tips on how to control the job-seekers at the border.

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