Gene Simmons finally signs a band to his Canadian label

Gene Simmons finally signs a band to his Canadian label

The Envy is first Canadian band to woo Gene Simmons

One famously long tongue is wagging as Toronto band The Envy becomes the envy of other local new wave start-ups.

It was announced this week that after 16 months of searching, Gene Simmons has signed the first band to his revolutionary Canadian label, Simmons Records. The organization is a partnership with Universal Music Canada and Belinda Stronach, whose interest in heavy metal apparently extends beyond her work at Magna International.

When Simmons announced the project in 2008, the goal was to bring Canadian bands more exposure in the United States, by first making them big in Canada and giving the new band a television deal. At the time, he told us, “I’m crazy about Down With Webster. Part of my plan is a reality show following them on the road, the breakups after their girlfriends find out about the groupies.”

We are happy for the band, which formed in Toronto in 2009 and likely chose their name solely to amuse copy editors and promote laudatory headlines. We only hope their television show, should it happen, takes them on tour of New Jersey, because then The Envy would be the envy of The Situation.

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