Four things we know about Rob Ford’s rehab facility

Four things we know about Rob Ford’s rehab facility

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Rob Ford says talking to the Sun’s Joe Warmington on Tuesday got him “into major shit” at rehab. And we know this because on Wednesday he spoke to Warmington again.

The Ford family is still refusing to reveal exactly where the mayor is spending his leave of absence (yesterday, Doug Ford said only that it’s “nowhere close to the GTA”). Here, based on Warmington’s two interviews, is what we know about the treatment facility so far.

1. It appears to have some kind of three-strikes rule about speaking to the media. “There’s just a policy you’re not allowed to speak to the media in these programs,” Ford told Warmington. “I didn’t know about that. They weren’t too happy.” After the first of the two Warmington interviews, experts told the CBC that it’s very unusual for a rehab centre to allow a patient to make work calls while in treatment.

2. Ford is, he says, “working out like an animal man.” The Sun didn’t include a comma in that quote, so we assume the mayor’s workout regimen is werewolf-themed. Release the beast.

3. The place is “amazing.”

4. It’s a real bargain. “It’s worth every dime, every dime,” Ford told Warmington. “A hundred grand is cheap. It’s a steal.”

So, this narrows it down a little for all the reporters searching for the mayor. Just find an affordable, awesome rehab facility nowhere near the GTA, where everyone gives phone interviews between bouts of animalistic exercise. And there he’ll be.