East versus west side story: Now Magazine runs out of cover ideas

East versus west side story: Now Magazine runs out of cover ideas

Toronto Life's east versus west map, March 2001

Which section of the city is cooler, the part east of Yonge or the part west of Yonge? This being Toronto, the jury is still out on this question—and will likely stay that way until the end of time—largely because it falls into the same category as “Betty or Veronica?” The latest issue of Now does its best to capitalize on the long-standing but meaningless debate by laying out the arguments for both sides: the east has better ice cream (Ed’s Real Scoop), but the west has the best burger (The Queen and Beaver); the west gets too much attention, whereas the east benefits from “divine neglect.” In the end, they confirm the debate’s irrelevance by not choosing sides.

When we last checked, the poll on Now’s site had east slightly ahead at 51 per cent (though there is no “undecided” category). No doubt westerners would say that’s only because easterners have nothing better to do than vote in on-line polls. Easterners would encourage their cynical counterparts to get over themselves. Westerners would roll their eyes and look back at their BlackBerrys. Easterners would purse their lips and turn back to their iPhones. And so it goes.

Of course, we’re not recusing ourselves from the situation. Indeed, we’re experts: we had this discussion almost 10 years ago with similarly ambiguous results. Eye Weekly is getting in on the game, too, posting a parody north versus south story on its Web site. Can’t we all just get along?

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