Year in Review: 2011 was a good year for Biebz, Drizzy, Gadon, McAdams and the Almighty Goz

Year in Review: 2011 was a good year for Biebz, Drizzy, Gadon, McAdams and the Almighty Goz

It has the been the year of abs, boyish haircuts, protesting and Maury Povich–style paternity suits for celebrities we love, like Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Sarah Gadon, Drake and Rachel McAdams. In short, it was fun for the whole family (except for those families who were left without Christmas concert tickets because of scalpers). Check out our favourite celebrity moments of 2011 after the jump.

The Biebz

It is tough to say which breaking news really hit us the hardest this year. Was it word of Justin Bieber’s new haircut? No, we were practically unfazed, but it certainly caused some controversy. Maybe it was that his locks were sold for over $40,000 on eBay? No, we thought that was crazy (and, frankly, a bit stupid), but it certainly wasn’t the biggest news. In fact, there has been such a narrative on the life of Bieber, that it is almost impossible to decide. We now know he’s been named the third-most influential celebrity in the world (dear God), he’s lost his swagger (poor thing; will he ever get it back?), he had to part with his beloved Johnson (it’s his pet snake, sicko) and, to top off this rather stellar year, he was alleged to be the father of Mariah Yeater’s child after a 30-second bathroom tryst (that, coincidentally, never actually happened). Oh, and his Christmas concert sold out in 30 minutes, and he’s made millions of dollars in record sales. He’s had a good year.

Almighty Goz

Ryan Gosling became a god this year, and there’s absolutely no denying that (in fact, we have the stats to prove it). We’ve learned that he’s very sweet to his mother (aw, bless), that he’s hot (on more than a number of occasions), that he’s a talented actor (see: Ides of March and Drive) and that he truly knows how to party with the best of them. Who knows if he’s perfect, but given the reception he’s received this year, it doesn’t look like people seem to care. He’s just a boy from Ontario with Photoshopped abs and smouldering good looks and, at the heart of it, he’s a real softie.

Sarah Gadon

We first spied Sarah Gadon in her various guest spots in shows like Being Erica and The Border (and who could forget her voice acting on Ruby Gloom?), but it wasn’t until TIFF this year that the 24-year-old Toronto ingénue turned into an it girl. After rocking the red carpet in a timeless black Jason Wu gown for the premiere of David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, she was, predictably, a fixture at fashion week in October. Now, along with the rest of the world, we play the waiting game to see what promises to be her star-making turn opposite Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis next year.


Drake is no longer Jimmy, as sad as that reality is to Degrassi fans across the world. He’s sprung up from his actor’s wheelchair and has taken on his most challenging role yet: middle-class emo-hop celebrity. His work has not gone unnoticed in Los Angeles, or so we’re lead to believe from a recent scandal where a woman tattooed the singer’s name across her forehead. But, let’s be real for a second, because on dollar bills alone, our Loaded List proved Drake is getting paid. And, even in times of marginal scandal, Drake stays level headed. What a great guy.

Rachel McAdams

And finally, Rachel McAdams occupied our hearts this year when she showed up at St. James Park this October to show her solidarity with the cause.

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