Conrad Black’s best lines from his BBC interview with “a priggish, gullible British fool”

Whether he’s leveling his verbiage at Occupy protesters or hearkening for the good ol’ days of the Empire, Conrad Black always delivers syllable upon relentless syllable in a manner befitting...well, in a manner befitting a Lord. On his first visit to Britain since his release from a Miami prison, BBC news anchor Jeremy Paxman grilled Lord Black of Crossharbour (the interview begins at the 4:10 mark). Paxman riled up Black, drawing out some of his best material in ages, including insults, implied threats and talk of vomit. We’ve rounded up the most outrageous lines below.

• “Will you stop this bourgeois priggishness?”

• “I put myself in the camp of Henry David Thoreau…”

• “That was a completely fallacious judgment that was, in fact, absolutely defied by the jurors.”

• “You’re a priggish, gullible, British, fool who takes seriously this ghastly American justice system that any sane English person knows is an outrage!”

• “Let me tell you something: I am proud of having gone through the terribly difficult process… and actually being able to endure discussion like this without getting up and smashing your face in!”

• “The whole system is a fraudulent, fascistic conveyor belt to their corrupt prison system.”

• “That is what you’re waxing so sanctimonious about.”

• “Oh God, I’m going to throw up.”

• “I want to disabuse any of your viewers of the idea that I think I’m always right.”


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