BREAKING: it is nice outside

BREAKING: it is nice outside

(Image: The Weather Network/Screenshot)

According to a window, today is a nice day.

Transparent panes of glass everywhere are confirming that the weather outside is not horrible, for once, and that for the first time in months it might actually be worth leaving your house, and living your life free from the terror that some bruising winter weather is lurking around the corner.

As of this writing, it is currently six degrees Celsius in Toronto. A report in the Star suggests that we can all expect a high of twelve whole degrees Celsius today. That same report twice implored readers to share “weather-related photos” using the hashtag #Starweather. Star gets action! There is weather today!

Today might be a nice day to do something fun, like wear a lighter jacket, or put on shorts even though it’s still way too soon to wear shorts, just to prove how comfortable you are with wearing shorts, no matter what, like you’re the pace car for summer.