Toronto men get lift from high heels

Toronto men get lift from high heels

A heeled men's boot from John Fluevog (Image: Carlo Mendoza)

High heels for men are no longer solely within the realm of drag queens. Today the Star declares them the must-have accessory for the fashion-forward modern man. Besides, with the fellas trying everything from compression underwear to mantyhose, it was only a matter of time before they would be spotted in stilettos.

Androgynous, edgy and sometimes masculine women’s footwear by Balenciaga, Rodarte and Alexander Wang is most popular among fashionistos. Montreal fashion editor Cary Tauben attended Jeremy Laing’s New York presentation in a pair of heels from Topshop and has considered buying a pair of thigh-high Rodarte boots. (The only time he lowers himself to wear flats is on airplanes.)

In Toronto, singer Fritz Helder, of Fritz Helder and the Phantoms, wears heels because they make him feel “taller, fiercer, and it goes with that rock and roll attitude. I can go out and stomp all over.” Stores like Fluevog and Chasse Gardée, both on Queen Street West, routinely sell (and sell out of) heels for men; Canadian designer Rad Hourani trotted male models down the runway in an open-toe boot with socks in his fall show.

While we don’t expect to see the look on Bay Streeters (many of whom have only recently discovered that pleated pants are out) any time soon, the Toronto fashion week pack may be a whole lot taller this season.

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