Brad and Angelina are jewellery designers, MC Hammer won’t discuss harem pants, man-gagement rings are the next wedding trend

Brad and Angelina are jewellery designers, MC Hammer won’t discuss harem pants, man-gagement rings are the next wedding trend

MC Hammer wouldn't be caught in these puppies (Photo by Idhren)

Zac Posen, beloved by stars for his red carpet numbers, is reaching out to Lower East Siders (read: hipsters) with Z Spoke, a more affordable line of clothes to be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue this spring. The clothes, which Posen describes as “minimalist and utilitarian,” are priced from $78 to $675, a steal compared to his namesake line, where a gown can fetch $12,000. With any luck, Z Spoke will be available on Saks’ Web site, which ships to Canada. [WWD]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have designed a collection for the famed British jeweller Asprey. The proceeds from the collection—mainly serpentine items, like coiled snake rings and necklaces—will be donated to Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, a charity that works to educate youth war victims. Jolie picked the snaky theme because she sees serpents as protectors; we bet Jennifer Aniston can think of a different reason. [BBC]

• Men’s compression undergarments are rising in popularity across Canada. Equmen, a line sold exclusively at Holt Renfrew, has been flying off the shelves. A tank top designed to tuck in the gut is described as having “patented Helix-Mapping Technology” (men love technology) and can take as much as three inches off the waist. Equmen also sells enhancement pieces designed to pump up the package and tone the tush. Imagine the disappointment, after a few cocktails and flirtation at the bar, when it all comes off in the bedroom, Bridget Jones style. [Globe and Mail]

• We liked Heidi Klum before we heard the nonsense that she thinks she needs to lose 20 pounds. The leggy blonde just popped out her fourth baby, a girl, on October 13 and looks amazing. Klum hosted the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last tonight (it airs December 1) in several latex getups, and said, “I’m definitely one of the heaviest of the bunch of the 30 girls in the show. And I still have 20 pounds to go.” She went on to talk about her new-found curves, every celeb’s trick when discussing weight gain. Heidi, in fashion, like with our affection, one day you’re in, the next you’re out. Auf wiedersehen. [People]

Alexander McQueen’s offices report that they’re being overwhelmed with calls from fans trying to get their hands on McQueen’s outrageous alien heels. Some want the 12-inch platforms as art pieces, but after seeing Lady Gaga wear them in her “Bad Romance” video and British socialite Daphne Guinness bust them out for a party, we’re sure there are going to be a lot more ankle injuries among the ultra-rich ladies of leisure. [Grazia]

• Harem pants may be back in style, but that doesn’t mean people should wear them. Even MC Hammer, who now goes by his given name, Stanley Burrell, is distancing himself from them. Burrell declined to speak about the trend when the Wall Street Journal contacted him for comment; his publicist explained that he’s redefining himself as a social media expert. Maybe with all this bad press, the look will go the way of Hammer himself: faded into memory. [Wall Street Journal]

• Engagement rings for men (also known as man-gagement rings) are rising in popularity, giving news outlets opportunity to make tired jokes about “Single Ladies” and putting a ring on it. One famous example: actor Jennifer Hudson gave her fiancé, David Otunga, a $15,000 Neil Lane engagement ring. Apparently women are buying the rings to mark their territory and let other ladies know “hands off.” Insert eye roll here. [NY Daily News]

• We stopped caring about vampires after Buffy ended, but we loved this montage of Twilight star Kristen Stewart, the first in a series profiling the stars’ fashion choices, in anticipation of the release of New Moon today. The running theme: Stewart looks happy wearing black rock and roll outfits and thoroughly pissed off in more girly numbers. But really, throw a burlap sack on someone as gorgeous as Stewart and she’d make it work. [New York]

• The Toronto Fashion Incubator is challenging up-and-coming Canadian designers to create three little black dresses inspired by Barbie, with the winner receiving $10,000 from Mattel Canada. We’re not sure what “inspired by Barbie” means, exactly, but if it’s anything like our childhood Barbies, the models will have an irreversible haircut, lost shoes and dog-chewed feet. [Toronto Star]